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Connecting People with Nature:  What you can do

A connection with nature is important, whether you are a child or an adult.  Exploring nature encourages the use of imagination, use of the five senses, and provides an outlet from day to day routines.  Children are future naturalists and conservationists, so the stronger we encourage their bonds with nature, the stronger their resolve will be to enjoy and conserve nature. 

USFWS File Photo USFWS file photo

Nature can be found in many places including neighborhood parks, National Parks, and National Wildlife Refuges, including the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge here in Siskiyou County.  A connection with nature can be something as simple as a walk in the neighborhood or exploring your own backyard.  For some, a connection with nature means conserving water or recycling household items, which can contribute to the preservation of natural places and natural resources.  Below are ideas that can be used to start or renew your connection with nature.     

  • Take a walk:  Look, listen, smell, and feel as you walk down your street or in the woods.
Hiking Trail, Photo by Elizabeth Willy, USFWS Hiking trail; Photo by Elizabeth Willy, USFWS
  • Plant a garden:  A garden is a great way to watch vegetables and flowers grow while also providing habitats for birds and insects.  


Juanita Lake, Klamath National Forest, Photo by Elizabeth Willy, USFWS Juanita Lake, Klamath National Forest; Photo by
Elizabeth Willy, USFWS
  • Conservation:  Fix leaky faucets and be aware of household water use; water is an important resource for people, plants, animals, and the environment.  Recycle material, such as paper, and purchase items made from recycled materials. 
Geese at Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, USFWS File Photo Geese at Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge; USFWS
File photo.

There are a number of opportunities to connect with nature in the Yreka, California area: