Yreka Fish and Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region
Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force
Meeting Minutes

The Klamath Act expired on October 1, 2006, and was not reauthorized by Congress. The funding for this program was eliminated and the charter was discontinued. The information on this site is provided for reference.

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Klamath Falls, Oregon
June 15-16, 2005 Yreka, California
February 9-10, 2005 Crescent City, California
October 13-14, 2004 Yreka, California
June 23-24, 2004 Klamath Falls, Oregon
February 18-19 Brookings, Oregon
Yreka, California
June 18-19 Arcata, California
February 19-20 Brookings, Oregon
October 16-17 Klamath Falls, Oregon
June 19-20 Weitchpec, California
February 6-7 Smith River, California
October 10-11 Yreka, California
September 12-13 Yreka, CA Working Session TF/Hatfield Group
August 29 Yreka, CA Special Joint Mtg TF/Hatfield Group
June 21-22 Klamath Falls, Oregon
February 8-9 Brookings, Oregon
October 18-19 Yreka, California
June 28-29 Eureka, California
February 10-11 Brookings, Oregon
October 14-15 Yreka, California
June 23-24 Klamath Falls, Oregon
February 24-26 Eureka, California
October 15-16 Ashland, Oregon
June 24-26 Klamath Falls, Oregon
February 18-20 Brookings, Oregon
October 15-16 Ashland, Oregon
June 26-27 Klamath Falls, Oregon
April 23-24 Eureka, California
February 20-21 Yreka, California
October 10-11 Brookings, Oregon
June 4-5 Arcata, California
April 23-24 Klamath Falls, Oregon
October 26-27 Brookings, Oregon
June 20-21 Klamath Falls, Oregon
November 29-30 Klamath Falls, Oregon
June 22-23 Yreka, California
May 4 Telephone Conference
April 19-20 Brookings, Oregon
February 1-2 Arcata, California
October 5-6 Hoopa, California
June 15-16 Yreka, California
March 30-31 Klamath Falls, Oregon
February 3-4 Brookings, Oregon
November 4-5 Yreka, California
June 15-17 Arcata, California
April 28-29 Yreka, California
January 28-30 La Jolla, California
November 6-7 Brookings, Oregon
June 17-18 Eureka, California
March 11 Millbrae, California
February 5-6 Yreka, California
December 4-6 Yreka, California
June 26-27 Eureka, California
April 18 Redding, California
January 30-31 Brookings, Oregon
September 7-8 Eureka, California
June 29 Klamath, California
March 20-21 Yreka, California
February 9-10 Eureka, California
November 1 Eureka, California
May 31 - June 1 Eureka, California
March 1 Brookings, Oregon
September 23 Yreka, California
July 23 Eureka, California