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Northwest Forest Plan

Forest Resources / Endangered Species Branch

Staff biologists in the Forest Resources / Endangered Species Branch work with the Klamath National Forest on implementation of the Northwest Forest Plan, and on other aspects of management of threatened and endangered species. Staff also contribute technical expertise in National Fire Plan implementation, Northern Spotted Owl on Private Lands, and Yreka Phlox Recovery Planning.

Northwest Forest Plan implementation

In 1994, the Record of Decision for the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) was signed by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Interior, establishing standards and guidelines for the management of federal lands within the range of the northern spotted owl. The NWFP was designed to provide long-term management of late-successional forest habitat across the entire Pacific Northwest, and amended all existing National Forest Land and Management Plans.

In 1995, to assist in implementation of the NWFP, the Fish and Wildlife Service increased staffing throughout the Pacific Northwest to coordinate the section 7 consultation process under the Endangered Species Act. Staff biologists assist Forest Service biologists and project planners in developing project design standards that minimize potential effects on the northern spotted owl, the marbled murrelet, the bald eagle, and on species listed in the "Survey and Manage" category under the NWFP. Branch staff are also involved in development of Red Tree Vole management measures, and in the Klamath National Forest's migratory bird monitoring program, Sister Forest Program, National Fire Plan projects, and pre/post-treatment monitoring programs. Additionally, the Jobs in the Woods program is supported by NWFP funding.

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