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Mid-term Evaluation of the Klamath River Basin Fisheries Restoration Program

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Entire Mid-Term Evaluation Report
The entire report is approximately 4.6MB in size.  If you have a slow connection you may instead download sections of the report below.

Table of Contents and Chapter One
Cover, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction (39K)

Chapter Two
Institutional and Political Aspects of the Restoration Program (1203K)

Chapter Three
Implementation of the Plan's Objectives, Policies and Actions (107K)

Chapters Four and Five
Leveraging Restoration Program Dollars
Assessing Klamath river Basin Habitat Changes, 1987-1997 (33K)

Chapter Six
Organization Structure, Behavior of the Committees, KRFWO (76K)

Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine
What Percent of the Funds Did Task Force Entities Receive?
Effectiveness and Workload of the KRFWO
Public Awareness and the Restoration Program (117K)

Chapter Ten and References
Evaluating the Large- and Small Hatcheries' Contribution
References (61K)

Appendix 2-1
Actions Taken by the Task Force, 1991-1997 (79K)

Appendix 2-2
Responses to the Evaluation Project Interviews (114K)

Appendices 3-1 and 3-2
Updated Long Range Plan Structure and Recommendations
Restoration Program Expenditures, by Category, 1989-1997 (49K)

Appendix 5-1
Habitat Restoration and Trends, 1987-1997 (2,435K)

Appendix 9-1
Press Coverage of the Program, Related Salmon Issues (123K)

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