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Project Number
Project Description
2005-Partners-03  Cross Channel and Vertical Distribution of Ceratomyxa shasta Spores in Klamath River Drift     (191 Kb / 4 p.)
2004-HR-04 and
Terwer Creek Riparian Restoration Project    (6.14 Mb / 45 p.)
2003-HR-06  Riparian Restoration Project Maintenance on Lower Klamath River Salmon and Steelhead Tributaries     (489 Kb / p.)
2003-HR-YFWO-01 East Ishi-Pishi Roads Decommissioning Project    (1.33 Mb / 15 p.)
2003-HR-01 Lower Blue Creek Watershed Restoration Implementation     (2.85 Mb/45 p.)
2002-Partners-01 RY Ranch Wetlands Project      (2.64 Mb/7 p.)
2002-JITW-02 Lower Mid-Klamath River Riparian Ecosystem Enhancement Project  (15 Mb/45 p.)
2002-JITW-01 Salmon River Shaded Fuel Break Construction & Ripairan Fuels Reduction  (1.74 Mb/13 p.)
2002-HR-06 Frey Ranch Tailwater Capture Project     (1.07 Mb/6 p.)
2002-HR-03 Salmon River Fuels Reduction Project     (1.82 Mb/9 p.)
2001-HR-02  2004/2005 McGarvey Creek Implementation     (3.36 Mb/42 p.)
2002-HR-01 Lower Klamath Subbasin Riparian Restoration Project     (23.6 Mb/32 p.)
2002-FishPass-HR-01 Scott River Fish Passage Project     (175 Kb/8 p.)
2001-Partners-02 Hazard Fuels Reduction Project     (960 Kb/5 p.)
2001-JITW-01 Salmon River Fuels Reduction Project     (196 Kb/6 p.)
2001-HR-01 Patterson Creek Enhancement Project     (32.6 Kb/9 p.)
2001-FishPass-HR-01 Little Shasta River Fish Passage and Screening Project  (1.77 Mb/9 p.)
2000-Partners-05 Tailwater Capture and Wildlife Habitat Project     (507 Kb/2 p.)
2000-Partners-01  Meamber Wildlife Fencing Project    (1.19 Mb / 8 p.)
2000-HR-09 Lower Blue Creek Watershed Restoration and Implementation  (2.67 Mb/34 p.)
2000-HR-05 Fiock Bioengineered Bank Protection     (937 Kb/7 p.)
2000-HR-04 Kuck Bioengineered Bank Protection     (265 Kb/6 p.)
2000-HR-03 Scott River Riparian Planting      (1.91 Mb/15 p.)
1999-Partners-03 Springs Enhancement      (5.43 Mb/18 p.)
1999-Partners-02 Pond Restoration Project     (8.78 Kb/4 p.)
1999-Partners-01 Pond Enhancement and Riparian Fencing     (5.44 Kb/2 p.)
1999-HR-09 Ah Pah and Tectah Creeks Watershed Restoration Training & Implementation Program  (940 Kb/52 p.)
1999-HR-06 Fiock Pump Energy Cost and Pipeline     (1.01 Mb/7 p.)
1999-HR-04 South Fork Road Erosion Reduction     (1.90 Mb/27 p.)
1999-HR-03 Water Conservation Through Improved Irrigation Management Practices  (2.11 Mb/13 p.)
1999-319h-VI-08 McGarvey Creek Watershed Restoration Project     (2.42 Mb/8 p.)
1999-319h-VI-07 Steinacher Road Decommissioning Project     (2.61 Mb/17 p.)
1999-319h-VI-06 Klamath River Riparian Fence Project     (1.33 Mb/7 p.)
1999-319h-VI-05 School-Based Klamath River Restoration Project     (18.8 Mb/156 p.)
1999-319h-VI-02 Scott Fencing Project/KRIS     (2.83 Mb/18 p.)
1999-319h-VI-01 Water Quality Improvement Work in the Shasta Valley    (1.37 Mb/19 p.)
1999-319h-03 Salmon River Restoration Monitoring And Education Program     (939 Kb/17 p.)
1998-319h-V-04 Shovel Creek Riparian Fencing     (89.2 Kb/2 p.)
1998-319h-V-03 Lava Beds - Irrigation Improvements      (2.52 Mb/24 p.)
1998-319h-V-02 Water Quality-Restoration & Monitoring in Shasta Subbasin (Tailwater System)  (5.08 Mb/128 p.)
1998-V-319h-01 Water Quality in Scott River Watershed     (488 Kb/9 p.)
1998-Partners-01 Scott River Reach Rehabilitation Program I     (15.4 Mb/4 p.)
1998-JITW-41 Shasta River Biotechnical Bank Stabilization Project     (11.8 Kb/3 p.)
1998-JITW-HR-39 McKinney Creek Fish Screen  (114 Kb/3 p.)
1998-JITW-HP-38 Patterson Creek Road Sediment Reduction/Scott River  (3.72 Mb/30 p.)
1998-JITW-HP-27 Shackleford/Mill Road Erosion Reduction Project  (5.24 Mb/34 p.)
1998-JIIW-HR-24 French Creek Fish Screens      (610 Kb/5 p.)
1998-JITW-21 Salmon River Riparian Ecosystem Enhancement Project (Cecilville burn)    (26.5 Kb/4 p.)
1998-HR-07 Ah Pah Creek Fish Passage & Habitat Improvement Center     (2.55 Mb/19 p.)
1998-HR-05 Riparian Planting at 4 locations in the Middle Klamath Hydrologic Subbasin    (1.77 Mb/13 p.)
1998-HP-04 Reimbursement of Direct Costs of Unimpaired Flow in the Shasta River  (1.08 Mb/11 p.)
1998-HR-03 McGarvey Creek Watershed Restoration Implementation and Training   (4.63 Mb/70 p.)


Scott River Riparian Restoration 2     (1.14 Mb/17 p.)
1997-Partners-02 Scott River Landowner Riparian Project     (1.56 Mb/16 p.)
1997-Partners-HR-01 Preliminary Floodplain Restoration Plan For a 1-Mile Portion of the Scott River Degraded by Past Gold Dredging  (3.88 Mb/67 p.)
1997-JITW-HR-02 Scott River Riparian Restoration (Part 2)     (1.4 Mb/17 p.)
1997-JITW-HR-01 Salmon River Riparian Ecosystem Enhancement     (776 Kb/9 p.)
1997-HR-01 Cooperative Lower and Middle Klamath Subbasin Steelhead and Coho Salmon Habitat Restoration Projects on Bluff, China, Indian, & Clear Creeks       (43.8 Kb/8 p.)
1996-JITW-HR-05 Scott River Riparian Woodland Revegetation (French Reach)  (.97 Mb/17 p.)
1996-JITW-HR-04 Fish Screen Fabrication and Maintenance Located on the Scott River  (741 Kb/8 p.)
1996-JITW-HR-03 Shasta River Fish Screen  (1.38 Mb/14 p.)
1996-JITW-HR-02 Scott River Corridor Habitat Improvement Project - Located at the Eiler Ranch  (1.21 Mb/12 p.)
1996-JITW-01 Shasta River Ordway Ranch Fencing Project     (119 Kb/5 p.)
1996-IV-319h-HR-03 Lost River and Clear Lake Fencing Project     (181 Kb/5 p.)
1996-319(h)-02-Ph. IV Alternative Stock Water Systems-A Water Quality/Quantity Improvement Program   (799 Kb/12 p.)
1996-HR-23 Locally Built Fish Screen Project II Located on Sugar Creek     (1.17 Mb/28 p.)
1996-HR-20 Streambank Protection Fencing on Tozier Ranch     (1.42 Mb/14 p.)
1996-HR-06 Scott River Riparian Woodland Revegetation III     (960 Kb/14 p.)
1996-HR-05 Improve Habitat Conditions in and Along the Shasta River Through Restoration of the Riparian Zone     (472 Kb/9 p.)
1995-JITW-05 Shackleford Creek Restoration Project - A Water Quality Project     (554 Kb/8 p.)
1995-JITW-04 Salmon River Restoration Project     (297 Kb/6 p.)
1995-JITW-03 Salmon River Restoration Project     (297 Kb/6 p.)
1995-JITW-02 Scott River Riparian Revegetation-Phase 2     (662 Kb/14 p.)
1995-JITW-HR-01 Locally Built Fish Screens II     (628 Kb/11 p.)
1995-III-319h-04 Shasta River Water Quality Improvement     (288 Kb/9 p.)
1995-III-319h-03 Mowitz Creek Riparian Fence Project     (1.63 Mb/33 p.)
1995-HR-25 Shasta River Riparian Fence Project     (374 Kb/10 p.)
1995-HR-23 Fiock Ranch Pumping System     (215 Kb/6 p.)
1995-HR-21 Demonstration of Alternative Bank Stabilization Methods    (846 Kb/10 p.)
1995-HR-19 Scott River Flow Enhancement Pilot Project     (1.45 Mb/12 p.)
1995-HR-18 Canyon Creek Spawning Gravel Development     (362 Kb/6 p.)
1995-HR-15 Riparian Woodland Revegetation - Phase II      (469 Kb/11 p.)
1995-HR-12 Horse Creek Migration Improvement Barrier     (250 Kb/4 p.)
1995-HR-01 Implementation of the Horse Creek Cattle Exclusion Fencing Project    (247 Kb/3 p.)
1994-HR-37 Shasta River Riparian Livestock Control Fencing      (446 Kb/10 p.)
1994-HR-34 Evaluation of Planinting Techniques for Restoration Projects on the Shasta River (2.01 Mb/25 p.)
1994-HR-33 Scott River Riparian Woodland Revegetation Demonstration Project     (1.5 Mb/19 p.)
1994-HR-32 Stockwater for Chinook - Scott Valley Irrigation Ditch     (2.39 Mb/68 p.)
1994-HR-23 Salmon River Community Restoration of Riparian Ecosystems     (353 Kb/10 p.)
1994-HR-21 Stabilization Analysis for the Monte Creek-86 Land     (422 Kb/8 p.)
1994-HR-15 Scott River Riparian Woodland Revegetation     (1.92 Mb/20 p.)
1994-HR-10 Horse Creek Restoration Project     (543 Kb/7 p.)
1993-HR-35 Big Flat Slide Stabilization      (157 Kb/4 p.)
1993-HR-33 Shasta River Riparian Project (Parker Ranch)     (208 Kb/5 p.)
1992-HR-17 Shasta River Riparian Project (Easton Ranch)     (129 Kb/5 p.)
1992-HR-16 Fish Screen Maintenance     (110 Kb/3 p.)
1991-HR-65 Pine Creek Erosion Control and Prevention     (314 Kb/7 p.)
1991-HR-15 Fish Screen Maintenance     (53.9 Kb/1 p.)
1991-HR-112 Salmon River Seed Collection and Germination     (234 Kb/5 p.)
1990-HR-4.3 Fish Screen Maintenance     (46.9 Kb/1 p.)
1989-HR-4.15 Yreka Creek Bank Stabilization Project     (1.88 Mb/13 p.)