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Klamath Restoration Project Reports

The Yreka Fish and Wildlife Office provides funds for restoration projects from the Klamath Restoration Program and other programs including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jobs-in-the-Woods, Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, and Fish Passage Programs.  The project categories include education, aquatic habitat restoration, subbasin planning and coordination, and research and monitoring.   The following are Final Reports from these projects:

Ecosystem Habitat Restoration
Restoration Education Projects  The Klamath River Basin Fisheries Task Force has identified education and communication as essential to the success of the Restoration Program.  The Task Force's technical advisors have recommended that education and communication elements be developed for three principal  Program audiences:  school children; special interest groups, including fishermen; and the general public.
Planning and Coordination Projects   Planning and coordination funds are provided to local watershed groups for organization support so that they can continue to plan and prioritize resource management projects, ensure resource management projects are implemented, hold committee meetings, encourage voluntary landowner efforts in restoration activities, inform public at large about the need for improving anadromous habitat.
Research, Monitoring, & Assessment Projects  Research, monitoring, and assessment funds are provided for Sensitive, Threatened, and Endangered Species - Monitoring studies emphasizing sensitive, threatened, and endangered anadromous fish species are encouraged.
Hatchery & Rearing Projects   

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Ecosystem Restoration  

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