Yreka Fish and Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region


The following brochures are available at the Yreka Fish and Wildlife Office, and some can be downloaded here For more please contact us at (530) 842-5763.  


Brochure-Conserve Migratory Birds
Conserve Migratory Birds
Brochure-Fishing is Fun for Everyone:  It's Easy to Learn How
Fishing is Fun for Everyone: It’s Easy to Learn How
Brochure-Conserving the Nature of America
Conserving the Nature of America
Brochure-Conserving America's Fisheries:  A Proud Past and A Bright Future
Conserving America’s Fisheries: A Proud Past and A Bright Future
Brochure-Salmon of the Pacific Coast
Salmon of the Pacific Coast
Brochure-Refuges, Flyways and Migratory Waterfowl
Refuges, Flyways and Migratory Waterfowl