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2015 Greater Sage-Grouse CCAA Flyers and Information

2011 Greater Sage-Grouse CCAA Flyers and Information

January: Issue 1
  • CCAA Benefits to the Ranching Operations
  • Greater Sage-Grouse - Warranted but precluded
February: Issue 2
  • What are assurances?
  • Who has access to the land?
  • What is the sign up Process?
  • What happens to those who don't participate?
March: Issue 3
  • Predators
  • What are Conservation Measures?
  • What is a Take Permit?
  • Public Access to data collected/Federal Register
  • What is a Federal Nexus?
April: Issue 4
  • Ranchland Conservation Measures explained
May: Issue 5
  • Compliance and Biological Monitoring: Landowner requirements
  • What are the responsibilities of the Landowner with a CCAA?
  • Define Compliance and Biological Monitoring with examples.
  • Wh o is responsivle for what?
June: Issue 6
  • Explain CCA
  • How are common allotments addressed?
  • State Lands inclusion under CCAA
Last updated: March 23, 2015