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While the Service “officially” defines a “Candidate Species” as a plant or animal species for which the Service has on file sufficient information on biological vulnerability and threats to support a proposal to list as endangered or threatened, when we refer to our Candidate Conservation Program, we speak to a much broader definition.  In addition to “candidate” species, we also include State-listed species of concern, as well as other Federal agency species of concern.

Why is it important to make this distinction?  Because when we refer to our Candidate Conservation Program, we include species that are at risk of becoming listed under the Endangered Species Act – and these species are not solely Candidate species.  For example, we have Candidate Conservation Agreements in Wyoming that cover a variety of species of concern, from black-tailed prairie dogs to burrowing owls – neither of which is a Candidate species.

What are Candidate Conservation Agreements (CCAs)?  CCAs are voluntary conservation agreements between the Service and one or more public or private parties.  The Service works with its partners to identify threats to candidate species (or species at risk), plan the measures needed to address the threats and conserve these species, identify willing landowners, develop agreements, and design and implement conservation measures and monitor their effectiveness.

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Last updated: March 23, 2015