U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program

Sport Fish Restoration Act Amendments

1984 1992 2004
1991 1998 2005

1984 Wallop-Breaux Amendment
  • Created Aquatic Resources Trust Fund
  • Provided for additional funds captured from a portion of the federal gasoline excise taxes attributable to motorboats by a formula based on boat registrations
  • Broadened taxed items (fishing equipment)
  • Added District of Columbia
  • Authorized spending for aquatic education for up to 10% of apportionment
  • Mandated 10% minimum of apportionment be spent for motorboat access
  • Mandated apportionments be distributed between freshwater/marine
  • Mandated "maintenance of effort"

1991 Amendment

  • Captured small engine gas tax to SFR account
  • Established Coastal Wetland Planning, Protection & Restoration Act
  • 18% of annual SFR appropriation for Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection & Restoration Act and authorized distribution of 70% to the State of Louisiana, 15% to North American Wetlands Conservation Act and 15% to Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grants

SFR Act | SFR Act Amendments

1992 Amendment

  • Increased boating access spending mandate minimum to 12.5% available for 5 years and provided for regional averaging
  • Established Clean Vessel Program

1998 Amendment

  • Reauthorized motorboat/small engine tax
  • Captured additional funds directed to deficit reduction
    Increased mandated minimum spending for boating access to 15%
    Increased maximum spending for Aquatic Education to 15%
  • Reauthorized Clean Vessel Act
  • Authorized $10 million annually for Outreach
  • Created non-trailerable boat facility $8 million (Boating Infrastructure Grant Program-BIG)
  • Allocated $70 million annually to USCG- Boating Safety Program

2005 Amendment

  • Reauthorized Coastal Wetlands, Boating Safety, Clean Vessel Act and Boating Infrastructure programs through 2009
  • Closed Boat Safety Account and provided spend down schedule for balance in account
  • Established percentage based allocation for grant programs except administrative costs. multi state grants, Sport Fishing & Boating Partnership Council and Fisheries Commissions
  • Eliminated Aquatic Resources Trust Fund, established Sport Fish Restoration & Boating Trust Fund
  • Captured additional 4.8 cents per gallon of fuel tax beginning FY 05-06, to be available for distribution 06-07
  • Placed cap on excise tax for high value rods at $10