U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program

National Survey - 2006 Survey

The 2006 Survey began with the U.S. Census Bureau's initial interviews of people in 85,00 households to identify a representative sample of 31,500 anglers and hunters, and 24,300 wildlife watchers for detailed interviews about their activities and expenditures. Detailed interviews were conducted during March - May and September - October in 2006, and January - February in 2007.

The Survey is sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the request of state fish and wildlife agencies. Interviews are conducted primarily by phone. People reachable by phone are interviewed in person.

The Survey's content and methodology was similar to that of the 2001, 1996, and 1991 Surveys, so the information is comparable.

The final national report for the 2006 Survey was released in November 2007.

Individualized state reports for the 2006 Survey are available for all 50 states. Analytical reports that examine selected subjects in detail will become available as they are created.