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Employee in the Spotlight:
Naomi Nishihara

Naomi Nishihara

Naomi Nishihara is a volunteer intern in the External Affairs division of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She writes stories about the Service in the Pacific Southwest Region with the primary objective of increasing public awards about the Service’s work and the decisions it makes.

She chooses story ideas with her supervisor and then researches the topics, conducts interviews and writes stories which can then be taken over by the media staff in External Affairs. She has largely conducted her research by interviewing Service employees, though she has also travelled to sites to witness stories firsthand.
Naomi is also studying English and history at the University of California, Davis and is preparing for a career in journalism. She has interned in Washington D.C. as a political reporter and has written for the U.C. Davis paper where she is now the features editor.

With the Service she is gaining experience in science writing and is being introduced to the inner workings of a government agency charged with protecting wildlife resources.

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