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Featured Employee in the Spotlight: Jessica Macer

Jessica Macer Bio PhotoJessica Macer of Hood College was one of the 40 highly selected students to attend the FWS Student Conservation Careers Symposium held at the  National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) in West Virginia on Jan 31 - Feb 3, 2013. 




Jessica was selected as a FWS Student Ambassador  in 2012 and initiated participating in a job fair for the Cumberland Valley Consortium on February 13, 2013 near her college campus as part of her Student Ambassador's role and requested assistance from FWS staff . Bill Farr, the nearest FWS Diversity Recruiter to her location from  Arlington Headquarters attended the event with her. Jessica arranged and coordinated registration and was well prepared for the event  with Student Ambassador business cards and FWS materials for the FWS table display . Jessica engaged confidently with students and faculty members in attendance about FWS programs and her experiences with FWS. 

Jessica  made the connections with the organizers that drove many students from her school at Hood College, and other nearby schools with majors in FWS's mission critical fields to our FWS booth. We personally spoke with over 40 students about FWS opportunities to include jobs, and Pathways: Internships, Recent Grads and PMF Programs. During our booth time Jessica asked lots of questions to gain further information on our programs and inquired about other activities that she can do as a Student Ambassador.  We came up with several action items for her to work on this year and we'll assist her with FWS staff support. 

The Fair resulted in several strong candidates for follow ups to include two that have since applied for open FWS positions and two that I've connected to FWS contacts for assisting them with their career goals. Also, we made several good faculty contacts for recruitment purposes from nearbyy universities now interested in FWS coming to their campus's to speak with faculty members and students based on what they learned about FWS at this fair.  Jessica has plans to do a visit to a local elementary school to teach the children about the "fum in the outdoors",  and arrange a visit for them to a local Refuge Visitor's Center. Great job Jessica!
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