Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get to the refuge?
    Wolf Island is only accessible by boat. The refuge is closed to the public and is managed as a bird sanctuary and wilderness area. The creeks and surrounding water are open to the public and offer saltwater fishing and wildlife observation/photography if conducted from the waterways.
  • Why is the refuge closed to the public?
    The upland habitat consists of plant species associated with elevations only slightly above sea level. The majority of the island habitat consists of mud flats and early successional plants indicative of a dynamic dune/marsh system. The island is closed to the public because of the fragility of these plant species, the island's National Wilderness significance, and the shorebird resting/nesting associated with the limited suitable upland habitat.
  • Is hunting permitted on the island?
    No, the refuge is closed to the public.
  • Are the smaller sand islands adjacent to Wolf Island NWR open to the public?
    No, the small sand islands immediately adjacent the main body of Wolf Island NWR are also a part of the refuge and are closed for the same reasons as the main island.
  • Are the creeks that transverse through the marshlands of Wolf Island open to the public?
    Yes, the waterways through and around Wolf Island NWR are open to boat traffic and any associated wildlife and saltwater fishing recreational opportunities.


Last updated: April 20, 2009