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Fourth Grade Environmental Education Program

Over a three-day period in late spring, Willapa National Wildlife Refuge hosts students from regional schools. Friends of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge and Willapa National Wildlife Refuge annually co-sponsor this educational event as part of their 4th grade environmental education program staffed by volunteers from the Friends and Refuge staff.

The field trip is a culmination of an on-going program where fourth graders learn about the refuge system, habitat, adaptations, bird identification, food webs, and habitat change and management as Friends volunteers and Refuge staff visit classrooms. All activities are hands-on and aligned to Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASLs). Each classroom activity takes about one hour. If you are a school in the southwestern Washington or northwestern Oregon area and would like to get your classroom involved, please contact us at willapa@fws.gov or 360/484-3482.

Students ride on the refuge barge to Long Island during Willapa National Wildlife Refuge's outdoor education program.

Watch a Video About Our Education Program!
(7:12 minutes)

-Video by Rollin Bannow-

Download Lesson Plans & Workbooks

Lesson 1 - A National Wildlife Refuge in Your Backyard

Lesson Plan (161KB)

Workbook (712KB)
Fast Facts (1.09MB)

Lesson 2 - The Neighbors, Who Lives on the Refuge

Lesson 3 - Everything is Connected in the Web of Life

Lesson Plan (152KB)

Workbook (1000KB)

Lesson 4 - Change Happens

Lesson Plan (160KB)


Field Trip - Long Island Expedition

Students learn about the 'Web of Life' from refuge volunteer.Student examines tree cookie during lesson on habitat change.

Special Thanks to Friends of Willapa NWR Members and refuge volunteers who make this program a success!

Volunteer helps students learn about birds during Willapa National Wildlife Refuge's outreach program.


Dorothy Antilla, Susan Bissell, Wade Cogdill, Ed Darcher, John Epler, Carolyn Glenn, Gretchen Goodsen, Joanne Jambor, Dr. Madeline Kalbach, Hannah Liles, Melanie Liles, Liz Mulligan, Sandy Neilson, Beverly Olson, Don Parsons, Margaret Parsons, Rose Power, Michael Spencer, Alice Slevoigh, Curt Stephens, Karen Stephens, and Patricia Wilson.


AMEC Earth & Environmental, Rollin Bannow, Jackie Ferrier, Dr. Madeline Kalbach, Shawn Schmelzer, Julie Tennis, Suzy Whittey, and Duncan Wurm

Other Classroom Programs and Field Trips

If you are an educator and would like to bring your class to Willapa NWR or have Refuge staff come to your classroom, please contact us at willapa@fws.gov or 360/484-3482.

girl scouts at refuge

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