Willapa National Wildlife Refuge
Pacific Region

Comprehensive Conservation Plan
and Environmental Impact Statement

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is pleased to announce the release of the final Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) for Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. In 2008, the Refuge initiated a planning process called "Comprehensive Conservation Planning" to review the wildlife, habitat and public use activities on Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. The purpose of the CCP is to guide management of these resources for the next 15 years.

Alternative 2 of the Refuge's CCP is the Service's preferred alternative. This alternative is based on a land management approach that will protect and enhance natural resources, habitats, and landscapes, while allowing for recreational public uses. Alternative 2 addresses a variety of resource needs, while improving and protecting habitat and wildlife, restoring estuarine habitat, managing forest habitat, managing predators to protect western snowy plover, expanding the Refuge's acquisition boundary, and providing high quality wildlife-dependent public uses. This management approach will be effective for protecting and enhancing Refuge habitats, improving public use and education opportunities, and working with partners. The combination of these management components will contribute to achieving the Refuge's vision, purposes and goals.

The Record of Decision (ROD) was signed in September 2011 and the Service will begin implementing proposed projects and partnerships as funding becomes available. View the Record of Decision - Download (PDF 299 KB).View the Notice of Availability as posted in the Federal Register.

Download the Comprehensive Conservation Plan and Environmental Impact Statement by volume:

Volume 1 (PDF 17.5 MB)

  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction and Background
  • Chapter 2 - Alternatives, Goals, Objectives, and Strategies
  • Chapter 3 - Physical Environment
  • Chapter 4 - Biological Environment
  • Chapter 5 - Public Use Programs and Impact on Social and Economic Environment
  • Chapter 6 - Summary of Potential Effects and Cumalative Effects Anaylsis
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A - Land Protection Plan
    • Appendix B - Appropriate Use Determinations
    • Appendix C - Compatibility Determinations
    • Appendix D - CCP Team Members
    • Appendix E - Summary of Public Involvement and Response to Comments
    • Appendix F - Implementation Plan
  • Maps
  • Tables

Note: Appendix A, Table A-1 on the CD ROM has been updated in the final CCP/EIS on the web site.

Volume 2 (PDF 15.4 MB)

  • Appendices
    • Appendix G. Wilderness Inventory for the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge
    • Appendix H. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program
    • Appendix I. Statement of Compliance
    • Appendix J. Acronyms and Glossary
    • Appendix K. South Willapa Bay Conservation Area Draft Forest Landscape Restoration Plan
    • Appendix L. Predator Management Plan
    • Appendix M. Hunt Plan
    • Appendix N. Literature Cited
    • Appendix O. Estuarine Restoration Plan
    • Appendix P. Willapa National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters Draft Site Plan
    • Appendix Q. Wildlife and Plant List for Willapa National Wildlife Refuge
    • Appendix R. Economic Effects of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge‚Äôs Comprehensive Conservation Plan

Download the Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan without the EIS and non-selected alternatives:

Volume 1 (PDF 10.75 MB)
Volume 2 (PDF 13 MB)

Public Involvement

Thank you for your comments. The final CCP (alternative) selected by the Service was determined, in part, by the comments received during the planning process. Appendix E, in Volume 1, contains responses to all public comments.

Planning Updates

Planning Maps

Information Contact:

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge
3888 SR 101
Ilwaco, WA 98624
Phone: (360) 484-3482
Fax: (360) 484-3109

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Last updated: March 12, 2013