National Wildlife Property Repository

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The National Wildlife Property Repository will be under construction and renovation summer of 2021, anticipated though spring 2022.  During this time, we are temporarily not accepting any loan and/or donation request for wildlife property.  We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to serving organizations with future requests.  Please refer to our website for any updates or contact us at our email address

The Donation Program at the National Wildlife Property Repository seeks to aid conservation education and scientific research through property donations and abandonments.


For General Public
The information in this section is designed for members of the public wishing to donate and abandon their wildlife property.

Wildlife Property
Members of the public may contact the Repository if they possess wildlife property items that are no longer wanted. (For example, family heirlooms, trophies, or artifacts that may have been legally obtained prior to bans)

Please note that the Repository may not be able to accept all wildlife property items. Please contact one of our Wildlife Repository Specialists for guidance on whether or not we can accept your item BEFORE shipping at or (303)-287-2110.

Donations should be accompanied by a letter addressed to the Repository containing the following information:

  • Description of the item(s) of legally obtained wildlife property being donated;
  • Name and address of the donor(s);
  • A statement certifying that the donor(s) is/are the sole legal owner(s) of the property being donated and that by submitting such property to the repository they relinquish all rights to such property, without condition, to the FWS

The cost of shipping items to the Repository, as well as insuring the value of the items during shipping, if any, is the sole responsibility of the donor. Such donations are not consummated and do not become property of the FWS until a signed acknowledgment is sent to the donor(s). Claiming any value for such donations for federal, State, or local tax purposes, or any other purpose is the sole responsibility of the donor. The FWS will not in any way value such donated items. By submitting such a donation, the donor agrees that upon acceptance such wildlife property items will become the sole property of the FWS, without recourse.

Any wildlife property donations should be sent via USPS, UPS, Federal Express, or other appropriate method to the Repository at the following address:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Wildlife Property Repository
6550 Gateway Road, Bldg. 128
Commerce City, Colorado 80022
Attention: Property Donations