Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
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Refuge Facts

  • Established: July 7,1938 by Executive Order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt as the first National Wildlife Refuge placed on a multi-purpose reservoir.
  • Acres: 35,000
  • Acres owned by USFWS in fee title: 8,323
  • Current year budget (FY 06): $2,307,600
  • Location: Wheeler NWR is located between Decatur and Huntsville in the Tennessee River Valley of northern Alabama.
  • Annual Visitors: 650,000
  • Wildlife: Home to Alabama's largest wintering duck population and supports the southern-most and Alabama's only concentration of wintering Canada geese (Southern James Bay Population).
  • Habitats: Bottomland hardwoods, moist soil units, riparian woodlands, back water embayments, pine uplands, and croplands provide habitat for a diversity of wildlife.


Last updated: June 9, 2009