NWI Staff Directory

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Ecological Services 
Division of Budget and Technical Support 
Branch of Geospatial Mapping and Technical Support

Executive Program Leadership

Balis-Larsen, Martha Chief, Division of Budget and Technical Support Bailey's Crossroads, VA (703) 358-2314
Phinney, Jonathan Chief, Branch of Geospatial Mapping & Technical Support Bailey's Crossroads, VA (703) 358-1832


Lang, Megan Chief Scientist Bailey's Crossroads, VA (703) 358-2103

Field Operations

Bergquist, Herb Field Operations Team Lead (Eastern States)
Hadley, Massachusetts (413) 253-8621
Blok, Elaine Wetlands Coordinator (West Coast States) Portland, Oregon (503) 231-2070
Hunt, Gary Wetlands Coordinator (Southwest States) Albuquerque, NM (505) 248-6776
Kirchner, William Wetlands Coordinator (Pacific Northwest States) Portland, Oregon (503) 231-2070
Swords, John Wetlands Coordinator (Midcontinent States) Fort Collins, Colorado (970) 266-2991
Thielke, Sydney Wetlands Coordinator (Alaska) Anchorage, Alaska (907) 786-3675

Contact NWI Field Operations staff for inquiries regarding general coordination, training, contracting, production and iterative quality control throughout the lifecycle of your project.

Data Center

Bergeson, Mitch Data Center Team Lead Madison, Wisconsin (608) 238-9333 ext. 112
Cruz, Andrew Database and Application Developer Madison, Wisconsin (608) 238-9333 ext. 111
Griffin, Rusty Wetlands Classification Steward Madison, Wisconsin (608) 238-9333 ext. 113
Harner, Jane Wetlands Database Administrator Madison, Wisconsin (608) 238-9333 ext. 114
Ingebritsen, Jeff GIS Specialist Madison, Wisconsin (608) 238-9333 ext. 115
Worsham, Luke GIS Specialist (Contractor) Madison, Wisconsin (608) 238-9333 ext. 160

Contact NWI Data Center staff for inquiries regarding GIS data and analysis, final data quality assurance and Wetlands Mapper operations.

- Last updated: May 4, 2020 -