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Wetlands Data Verification Toolset and Forms


The Wetlands Data Verification Toolset is a user friendly tool designed to automate the quality control functions necessary to ensure your data submission meets the federal standard to be accepted into the national geospatial wetlands layer. The tool is designed to address specific geospatial errors, digital anomalies and logic checks. The toolset was created using ESRI Model builder, and is compatible with ESRI’s Arc Desktop 10.2 and 10.3.1.

Toolset Download

Users are encouraged to download and thoroughly review the documentation that accompanies this toolset. Download and unzip the file contents. The Verification Toolset and associated files are stored in a 'NWI_QAQC_Tool' folder. This folder can be stored in any location on your machine.

These tools were last updated in June of 2016

Note: The table of accepted wetland codes in the Wetlands Geodatabase is updated periodically. To get the latest table of updated codes, please download the latest toolset file to ensure your tool is current. The code tables were last updated in June 2016.

Requirements to run the Wetlands Data Verification Toolset:

  • You must load in a project area boundary. This area should be a polygon that exactly defines the geographic areas that has been mapped. There is no limitation to what this boundary can be. Some common examples include; watershed, county, quadrangle, township, parcel, refuge, or state wetland area.

Wetlands Geodatabase Forms- Download

  • Supplemental Map Information Form — MS Word, Text 
  • Quality Assurance Review of Project Area Form (Optional) — MS WordText 
  • Request for Entry of Corrected Map Data — MS Word , Text




Last updated: May 10, 2017