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Wetlands Mapper Legend Categories

For ease of viewing the map information, wetland types are displayed in groups of similar classifications (e.g. all freshwater emergent wetlands are displayed as a single color category). The display categories are shown in the table below. Wetlands descriptions, definitions and codes are explained further in Wetlands Codes.

Display Color Wetland Type Map Code Cowardin General Description

R 0
G 136
B 55

Freshwater- Forested and Shrub wetland


Palustrine forested and/or Palustrine shrub

Forested swamp or wetland shrub bog or wetland

R 127
G 195
B 28

Freshwater Emergent wetland


Palustrine emergent

Herbaceous march, fen, swale and wet meadow

R 104
G 140
B 192

Freshwater pond


Palustrine unconsolidated bottom, Palustrine aquatic bed


R 102
G 194
B 165

Estuarine and Marine wetland

E2, M2

Estuarine intertidal and Marine intertidal wetland

Vegetated and non-vegetated brackish and saltwater marsh, shrubs, beach, bar, shoal or flat

R 1
G 144
B 191



Riverine wetland and deepwater

River or stream channel

R 19
G 0
B 124



Lacustrine wetland and deepwater

Lake or reservoir basin

R 0
G 124
B 136

Estuarine and Marine Deepwater

E1, M1

Estuarine and Marine subtidal water and wetland

Open water estuary, bay, sound, open ocean

R 178
G 134
B 83

Other Freshwater wetland

Misc. types

Palustrine wetland

Farmed wetland, saline seep and other miscellaneous wetland

Last updated: May 10, 2017