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The West Virginia Field Office Conservation Planning Assistance (CPA) program assists project proponents, planners, and agency personnel in developing plans that conserve, restore, or enhance fish, wildlife, and plants, and their habitats, while at the same time accomplishing the objectives of proposed development.

The CPA program is responsible for evaluating federal water resources projects, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit applications, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission licenses for hydropower dams, and is also responsible for conducting environmental impact assessments.

In addition, our CPA program works cooperatively with planners, developers, and project applicants to provide wildlife-friendly energy, transportation, and infrastructure projects.

The CPA program works directly with other federal agencies and programs, as well as the American public, on infrastructure development projects to protect the environment and preserve the biological, terrestrial, and aquatic natural resources of West Virginia.

Impacts of proposed land and water development projects are assessed by our biologists to determine any potential impacts of these projects on fish, wildlife, and plants, and their habitats.

Our CPA biologists have numerous duties and bring numerous tools to bear on their challenging jobs: reviewing and providing recommendations on plans and development designs, crafting mitigation plans, providing expertise in wildlife, plant, and habitat science, and serving as members on planning teams.

Laws that guide the CPA program

Section 404 of the Clean Water Act
National Environmental Policy Act
Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Endangered Species Act
Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act

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Last updated: October 2, 2020