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Eagle wroking group
An international group of researchers and conservationists from the Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group met in Davis, WV to help protect golden eagles.

Eastern golden eagle working group comes to West Virginia

January 22, 2014

Early this January an international group of biologists and wildlife managers came to West Virginia to discuss the latest updates in research and the conservation status of the golden eagle. Golden eagles are of growing interest because in the western USA many are impacted by development of renewable energy. The meeting included exciting workshops such as how to band and track a golden eagle, how to choose and set up trail cameras, and how to age an eagle based on its feather molt patterns.

The Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group (EGEWG) is a collaborative effort by multiple agencies, organizations, and universities to support research and management efforts that address international, regional, and local conservation needs for golden eagles. The EGEWG also strives to effectively conserve the eastern golden eagle population on its' breeding, migratory, and wintering grounds while raising conservation awareness in eastern North America. This year's meeting of the EGEWG took place on migration/wintering grounds, at the Blackwater Falls Lodge, in Davis, WV.

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