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Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex
2015/2016 Hunt Program

$25 Annual Hunt Permit Required for All Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex Hunts

The primary objective of a national wildlife refuge is to provide habitat for the conservation and protection of all species of wildlife. The harvest of surplus animals is one tool used to manage wildlife populations. Carefully managed hunts maintain wildlife populations at a level compatible with the environment, provide recreational opportunities, and permit the use of a valuable renewable resource. Public hunting is permitted, in designated areas, on five of the seven Savannah Coastal Refuges: Blackbeard Island, Harris Neck, Pinckney Island, Savannah, and Wassaw NWRs. Hunters must obtain the current-year Complex hunt schedule for specific dates.

Click here to download the 2015-2016 Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex Hunt Schedule

Hunters are also required to review all refuge-specific hunting regulations prior to participating in any refuge hunt. In previous years, these regulations have been printed separately for each individual refuge; however, we have now consolidated the regulations into one publication. Please click on the link below to download the current year's hunting regulations for all refuges within the Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex. Links to each individual refuge's hunt map are also listed below.

Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex Hunting Regulations

Blackbeard Island NWR Hunt Map

Harris Neck NWR Hunt Map

Pinckney Island NWR Hunt Map

Savannah NWR Hunt Map

Wassaw NWR Hunt Map

Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex Annual Hunt Permit

All hunters, 16 years of age or older, are required to possess the Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex Annual Hunt Permit. This permit will allow hunters access to all "non-quota" hunts on any of the following national wildlife refuges: Blackbeard Island, Harris Neck, Savannah, and Wassaw NWRs. This permit is non-transferable and is also required if drawn for the lottery hunt at Pinckney Island NWR. Annual Hunt Permits are $25 and valid for the current hunt year only.

Click here to purchase the Annual Hunt Permit  

Pinckney Island NWR Lottery Gun Hunt

A lottery hunt application must be submitted in order to be entered into the drawing for the Pinckney Island NWR Gun Hunt. Successfully drawn hunters must then purchase the Annual Hunt Permit to be allowed entry on the day of the hunt (unless you have done so already for the current hunt year). Applications for the Pinckney Island NWR Gun Hunt must be submitted by August 31, 2015. (A $5.00 Application fee will be charged)

Click here to apply for the Pinckney Island NWR Gun Hunt 

Youth and Specialty Hunts

A number of youth hunts, as well as a mobility-impaired hunt, are offered at the Savannah NWR each year. These hunts do not require the purchase of the $25 Annual Hunt Permit, however, hunters must request a free permit from the Savannah NWR Visitor Center for both the youth archery and youth turkey hunts.  If a lottery drawing is involved for any youth or specialty hunt, a $5 application fee will be charged. Click on the links below to download information packets and/or applications for each of these hunts.

Savannah NWR Youth Archery Hunt

Savannah NWR Youth Waterfowl Hunt
Savannah NWR Youth Waterfowl Hunt -Application  

Savannah NWR Youth Hunt & Learn Weekend for Turkey 
Savannah NWR Youth Hunt & Learn Weekend for Turkey-Application

Savannah NWR Youth Turkey Hunt 

Savannah NWR Mobility-Impaired Hunt 
Savannah NWR Mobility-Impaired Hunt-Application


For questions about hunting or assistance with the permit process, please call the Savannah NWR Visitor Center at (843) 784-2468, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Last updated: August 6, 2015