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The hatchery team welcomes you to visit the facility and enjoy the sights. There are definitely periods when the different activities occur. Steehead returns can be seen during late February and March in the ladder and holding ponds. The spring Chinook salmon begin to return around the middle of April into August. During March and April the smolt sized fish are volitionally released. Almost immediately, the crews begin cleaning the ponds for the next occupants. The young of year fish are moved to the ponds and tagged during April. During the summer months adult salmon can be seen in the holding ponds. Beginning in late August through the first weeks of September, the adult salmon are spawned. The public is welcome to observe the activities. Be sure to call ahead as spawning generally occurs 1 day a week.

The weather at Warm Springs Hatchery can be other then warm. In the winter months it frequently is single digits and the site certainly lives up to its name with triple digits in the summer. It is a fair bet that on most every day you will be able to find blue sky on the horizon.

Mary Bayer
Mary Bayer: Hatchery Manager, Fish Biologist
10 years with the Service, over 10 years active service with US Army,
originated from New York and has since become a world citizen

Kevin Blueback
Kevin Blueback; Animal Caretaker
Warm Springs, Oregon
Tribal Member Warm Springs (Tribal familiar affiliation Warm Springs, Yakima, Colville, Ponca)
Service employee 12 years

Joe Badoni
Joe Badoni: Animal caretaker
Tribal Member Navajo Nation
Hardrock, Arizona
Service employee 6 years

Randy Boise
Randy Boise: Maintenance Worker
Warm Springs, Oregon
Tribal Member Warm Springs (Tribal familiar affiliation Wasco, Warm Springs, Yakama)
Service employee 17 years



Last updated: July 16, 2013

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