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Welcome to the National Fish Strain Registry

The National Fish Strain Registry (NFSR) is a web-enabled computer database under administration by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These data provide information about broodstock origin, breeding history, spawning, and data on strains in natural and hatchery situations. The NFSR assembles performance and characterization information on more than 35 species cultured and managed by state and federal agencies and private growers. This management tool can assist resource managers with decisions on which populations will be most effective for each production or conservation management application. The NFSR's vision is to provide a broad collaborative program that provides access to data and information on our Nation’s aquatic resources. The database is responsive to the needs of our partners and to the mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (i.e., to conserve and protect aquatic resources) and is available to fisheries managers, fish producers, and researchers throughout the United States.


Registry Usage

You must be a registered user to login to the National Fish Strain Registry. Registered users can create, edit, and query strain records. Please contact Chester Figiel, Jr. to become a registered user.


Login to the National Fish Strain Registry

Registered users are required to login with their FWS active directory email address and password. To login, click Login to NFSR or visit




Last updated: February 25, 2015