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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fish Technology Center?

Fish technology centers were established in 1965 to provide leadership and guidance to the fish culture community. The Warm Springs Center is one of seven centers presently operating in the United States

Over the years, fish culture studies focused on reducing costs, enhancing fish quality, and improving overall fish culture operations. The importance of fish technology centers became clear as fisheries program managers became increasingly aware of the need to produce fish that are healthy, genetically diverse, and well-adapted to fisheries management objectives.

Areas of specialty include technical support for fisheries resource programs such as interjurisdictional fishes, estuarine and riverine fishes, non-indigenous aquatic nuisance species, threatened and endangered species, and other emerging high priority aquatic resource needs.


What kinds of work is accomplished by the FTC biologists?

Our biologists have a general fisheries background plus specialized training and experience that allows them to conduct various studies, including storage of fish sperm, developing or improving fish spawning methodologies, diet testing, general fish culture technology development and improvement, genetic analysis and management of imperiled stock, NFSR provides a platform for interested parties to compare strains of species of interest for making management decisions.


Who will benefit for the information developed at the FTC?

All of the information developed at the FTC is available to everyone. Our primary end user is the National Fish Hatchery system but the information is also provide to the general public walking in off the street; commercial aquaculturists; local, state and federal agencies; and NGOs.

Volunteers, students, and interns are a valuable part of the Warm Springs Fish Technology research efforts. Interested parties may contact William Wayman, Center Director at william_wayman@fws.gov.


Last updated: February 25, 2015