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Since 1871, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Fisheries Program has protected and enhanced fish populations and their habitats. Our team of fish biologists, technicians, and analysts works with partners to implement conservation programs, develop science applications, and monitor aquatic trust species in western Washington and the greater Pacific Northwest. Through partnerships, we work to conserve and restore aquatic species and their habitat in western Washington for the long-term benefit of the public.

Hatchery sampling (Photo: USFWS)  
Coho smolts in Lake Sammamish (Photo: USFWS)
Monitoring habitat complexity (Photo: USFWS)
Photo: USFWS   Photo: USFWS   Photo: USFWS


Conservation Programs

     • Lake Sammamish kokanee restoration (video)
     • Elwha River dam removal and restoration
     • National Fish Hatchery mass marking and tagging
     • Hood Canal bull trout, salmon and steelhead recovery
     • Olympic mudminnow conservation
     • Youth Fisheries Academy (pdf)

Studies and Science Applications

     • Lake Sammamish kokanee supplementation program (video)
     • Elwha River adult salmon tagging and monitoring
     • Climate change vulnerability for western Washington fish populations (pdf)
     • National Fish Hatchery reform studies
     • Response of fish to physical habitat restoration


     • National Fish Hatchery monitoring and evaluation (pdf) (3.55M)
     • Pacific lamprey distribution and stock assessment
      Bull trout stock assessment
     • Olympic mudminnow population structure assessment
     • Chehalis River freshwater mussel distribution survey


Click here for a list of Fisheries Division publications.


Staff members may be contacted at the phone number listed below or by clicking on their email link. For a short biography of our staff members, click on their name.

Denise Hawkins Division Manager  
Email link to Denise Hawkins
Kevin Aitkin Fish Biologist Aquatic Nuisance Species
email link to Kevin Aitkin
Mark Celedonia Fish & Wildlife Biologist Hatchery Monitoring and Evaluation / Salmon Ecology Studies
email link to Mark Celedonia
Carrie Cook-Tabor Fish Biologist Pacific Salmon Commission / Data Analysis
email link to Carrie Cook-Tabor
Yvonne Dettlaff Fish & Wildlife Biologist Hatchery Monitoring and Evaluation
email link to Yvonne Dettlaff
Howard Gearns Biological Science Technician Fish Marking
email link to Howard Gearns
Timothy Grun Biological Science Aid Salmon Ecology Studies
email link to Timothy Grun
Baker Holden Supervisory Fish Biologist Hatchery Monitoring and Evaluation
email link to Baker Holden
Kira Mazzi Biological Science Technician Salmon Ecology Studies / Fish Marking
email link to Kira Mazzi
Zachary Moore Student Trainee (Biological Sciences) Salmon Ecology Studies
email link to Zachary Moore
Roger Peters Fish Biologist Salmon and Bull Trout Ecology Studies
email link to Roger Peters
Daniel Spencer Biological Science Technician Salmon Ecology Studies / Outreach
email link to Daniel Spencer
Keith Sweeney Biological Science Technician Fish Marking
email link to Keith Sweeney
Roger Tabor Fish Biologist Salmon Ecology Studies
email link to Roger Tabor
Teal Waterstrat Student Trainee (Biological Sciences) Freshwater Mussels
email link to Teal Waterstrat
















Last updated: May 9, 2016
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