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The following publications have been produced by personnel of the Washington Fish and Wildlife Office. Publications are written in support of fish and wildlife resources such as interjurisdictional fishes, threatened and endangered species, non-indigenous aquatic nuisance species, and other high priority aquatic resources.

The publications are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view these documents.


Investigation of Contaminants in Feeds and Fish at FWS Pacific Region National Fish Hatcheries and the Ramifications to Human and Ecological Health
 J.W. Davis and A. Gannam
Chemical Contaminants, Pathogen Exposure and General Health Status of Live and Beach-Cast Washington Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris kenyoni)   (4.08M)
Davis, J. W.
Assessment of Contaminant Exposure and Effects on Ospreys Nesting along the Lower Duwamish River, Washington, 2006–07   (929k)
Johnson, B. L., C. J. Henny, J. L. Kaiser, J. W. Davis, and E. P. Schulz
Trumpeter Swan Lead Shot Poisoning Investigation in Northwest Washington and Southwest British Columbia: Environmental Contaminants Program Off-Refuge Investigations Project ID: 20031003.1   (2.24M)
Schexnider, C.
Summary of Kootenai River White Sturgeon Studies    (62k)
Campbell, J. and T. Davidson
Recurrent Die-Offs of Adult Coho Salmon Returning to Spawn in Puget Sound Lowland Urban Streams   (8.2M)
McCarthy, S., J. Spromberg, J. Incardona, B. Feist, J. McIntyre, J. Labenia, M. Myers, L. Rhodes, G. Ylitalo, T. Collier, N. Scholz, L. Reed, K. Lynch, and J. Davis
Quantifying Changes in Streambed Composition Following the Removal of the Elwha and Glines Canyon Dam on the Elwha River
Peters, R.J.; Pess, G.R.; McHenry, M.L.; Bakke, P.D.; Elofson, E. & Sampson, E.
Historical and contemporary forces shape genetic variation in the Olympic mudminnow (Novumbra hubbsi), an endemic fish from Washington State, USA
DeHaan, P.W., B.A. Adams, R.A. Tabor, D.K. Hawkins, and B. Thompson
Influence of Engineered Log Jam Placement on Habitat, Periphyton, Invertebrates and Fish in the South Fork Skokomish River 2014 R. J. Peters, R. A. Tabor, and H. Gearns
Guidelines for Monitoring and Adaptively Managing Restoration of Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) and Steelhead (O. mykiss) on the Elwha River 2014 R. J. Peters, J. J. Duda, G. R. Pess, M. Zimmerman, P. Crain, Z. Hughes, A.Wilson, M.C. Liermann, S.A. Morley, J.R. McMillan, K. Denton, D. Morrill, and K.Warheit
Predation of juvenile salmonids by resident trout and other fishes in the lower Cedar River, Washington (3.5M) 2014 Tabor, R.A., H. B. Berge, M.M. Klungle, B.E. Thompson, D.W. Lantz and B.E. Price
Analysis of Genetic Variation in the Olympic Mudminnow (Novumbra hubbsi) - Final report   (1.49M)
DeHaan, P., B. Adams, D. Hawkins, R. Tabor, and B. Thompson
Fish Abundance, Habitat, and Habitat Use at Two Stabilized Banks in the Hoh River, Washington: Preliminary Data to Evaluate the Influence of Engineered Logjams   (1.6M)
Peters, R. J., S. Sanders, M. Li, K. P. Denton, M. T. Celedonia, R. A. Tabor, and G. R. Pess
Biological Sampling in the Skokomish River Basin, Washington: Army Corps of Engineers General Investigation (6.58M)


R. Peters, Z. Li, S.Sanders, R. Tabor, C. Cook‐Tabor, P. Bakke; K. Denton, M. Liermann
Movement and Habitat Use of Chinook Salmon Smolts, Northern Pikeminnow, and Smallmouth Bass Near the SR 520 Bridge - 2008 Acoustic Tracking Study  (10.83M)
Celedonia, M. T., R. A. Tabor, S. Damm, D. W. Lantz, T. M. Lee, Z. Li, B. Price, W. Gale, and K. Ostrand
Movement and Habitat Use of Juvenile Chinook Salmon Smolts in the Lake Washington Ship Canal: 2007-2008 Acoustic Tracking Studies  (10.57M)
Celedonia, M. T., Z. Li, S. Sanders, R. Tabor, S. Damm, D. Lantz, and B. Price
Broodyear Report for Olympic Peninsula National Fish Hatcheries - Brood Year 2001   (1.79M)
Celedonia, M. T.
Spring/Summer Habitat Use and Seasonal Movement Patterns of Predatory Fishes in the Lake Washington Ship Canal - Final Report, 2006-2009   (3.37M)
Tabor, R. A.
Distribution and Habitat Use of Fish in Seattle's Streams - Final Report, 2005 and 2006  (9.1M)
  Appendices 1 - 15   (32.4M)
  Appendices 16 - 30   (31.4M)
Tabor, R. A.
Influence of Habitat Complexity and Floodplain Reconnection Projects on the Physical and Biological Conditions of Seattle Urban Streams: Pre-Project Monitoring. Final Progress Report, 2005-2007  (3.7M)
Leavy, T. R., P. Bakke, and R. J. Peters
Movement and Habitat Use of Chinook Salmon Smolts, Northern Pikeminnow, and Smallmouth Bass Near the SR 520 Bridge - 2007 Acoustic Tracking Study  (19.31M)
Celedonia, M. T., R. A. Tabor, S. Sanders, S. Damm, T. M. Lee, D. W. Lantz, Z. Li, J. Pratt, B. Price, and L. Seyda
Movement and Habitat Use of Chinook Salmon Smolts and Two Predatory Fishes in Lake Washington and the Lake Washington Ship Canal - 2004-2005 Acoustic Tracking Studies  (39.5M)
Celedonia, M. T., R. A. Tabor, S. Sanders, D. W. Lantz, and I. Grettenberger
The Physical and Biological Effects of Engineered Logjams (ELJs) in the Elwha River, Washington   (5.73M)
McHenry, M., G. Pess, T. Abbe, H. Coe, J. Goldsmith, M. Liermann, R. McCoy, S. Morley, and R. Peters
Quilcene National Fish Hatchery Comprehensive Hatchery Management Plan   (3.02M) 
Final Report on Marbled Murrelet Recovery Implementation Team and Stakeholder Workshop   (1.01M)
Washington Sea Otter Stock Assessment Report
2006 through 1998


  (WFWO staff in bold)

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