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Species Recovery


Recovery is the ultimate goal of the endangered species program - to restore the species to the point where it is a secure, self-sustaining part of its ecosystem and to the point that protections under the Endangered Species Act are no longer needed. This involves protecting and often restoring the habitat in which the species can thrive. Recovery actions can take many forms and our program has many aspects to reflect the diverse nature of threatened and endangered species recovery. 

  • Partnerships

    Inmates from the Coffee Creek Correction Facility assisting with lupine planting.

    Working collaboratively with our partners is a very important aspect for species recovery. We implement actions under the recovery plans that are considered necessary to recover species and their habitats. 

    Visit here to see what we're doing to restore and conserve rare species and habitats.

    Visit here to see more about implementing recovery

  • Recovery Permits

    Columbian white-tailed deer Photo Credit: USFWS/K. Meyer

    We issue recovery permits to allow people to do research that furthers our understanding of listed species for the purposes of assisting in recovery efforts and other conservation related actions.

    This deer was spotted at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. That's not jewelry in his ears, they are tags that help biologists identify and keep track of this endangered species.

    For information on how to obtain a recovery permit and to get a copy of a permit application, visit our Permit page.

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