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Prairie Species Workshops - March 2013


Streaked horned lark (Photo: David Maloney) Photo: David Maloney
Taylor's checkerspot butterfly (Photo: Ted Thomas, USFWS) Photo: Ted Thonas, USFWS
Mazama pocket gopher (Photo: Kim Flotlin, USFWS) Photo: Kim Flotlin, USFWS


On March 6 and 7, 2013, our office conducted two workshops to provide an overview of the biology of three proposed species and the Endangered Species Act.

Representatives from 13 federal agencies and 34 municipalities and organizations (over 100 total) attended the events which were held at the Nisqually NWR Education Center. We discussed the biology, threats, conservation, and management of three prairie species---streaked horned lark, Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly, and Mazama pocket gopher---which were recently proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act (Act). We also provided information on conservation opportunities for federal agencies through Section 7 of the Act and conservation planning under Section 10. Both audiences were very engaged during the question-and-answer sessions and expressed their appreciation of our efforts in conducting the workshops.


Puget Sound Prairies and the ESA - Federal partners (pdf) (3.66M))

Puget Sound Prairies and the ESA - Non-federal partners (pdf) (3.32M)

Conservation Opportunities for Federal Agencies Through Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (pdf)

Prairie Conservation Planning (pdf)















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