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Western Washington Fishery Resources - Publications - Scientific Method, Exotic/Introduced Species and Literature Reviews

The following publications have been produced by personnel and partners of the Fisheries Division. Publications are written in support of fish and wildlife resources such as inter-jurisdictional fishes, threatened and endangered species, non-indigenous aquatic nuisance species, and other high priority aquatic resources.

The reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view these documents.

Our publications are divided into ten categories. Click on a link below to view a list of publications by category:

Hatcheries/Supplementation/Techniques | Dam Studies/Passage/Migration
| Population Assessments/Tagging
Restoration Plans | Food Habits/Predation
Scientific Method | Exotic/Introduced Species | Literature Reviews

Scientific Method
Defining and Implementing Best Available Science for Fisheries and Environmental Science, Policy, and Management - Fisheries, Vol. 31, No. 9, September 2006   (729k) 2006 Sullivan, P. J. et al.
Exotic/Introduced Species
An Oriental Weatherfish (Misgurnus anguillacaudatus) Population Established in Washington State in Northwest Science 75:72-76 2001 Tabor, R., E. Warner, and S. Hager
Literature Reviews
Fishes of the Nisqually River, Estuary, and Reach   (6.78M) 1999 Cook-Tabor, C.
The Importance of Estuarine Habitats to Anadromous Salmonids of the Pacific Northwest: A Literature Review   (1.09M) 1998 Aitkin, J. K.
A Review of Methods to Re-Introduce Anadromous Fish in the Elwha River    (2.17M) 1995 Wunderlich, R. C., and
C. Pantaleo
Effects of Suspended Sediments on Salmonids   (292k) 1995 Cook-Tabor, C.
Current Literature on the Diet, Importance of Prey Size, and the Use of Bioenergetic Models for Predicting Growth and Consumption of Prey for Young Coho and Chinook   (336k) 1992 Cook, C.
Feeding Ecology of Juvenile Pacific Salmonids in Estuaries: A Review of the Recent Literature   (497k) 1986 Hiss, J., and R. Boomer
A Review of the Literature on the Feasibility of Outplanting Hatchery-Reared Fry, Fingerling, and Smolts, with Emphasis on Coho and Spring Chinook in the Puget Sound Region   (532k) 1982 Wunderlich, R.
A Review of the Literature on the Value of Estuarine and Shoreline Areas to Juvenile Salmonids in Puget Sound, Washington   (951k) 1979 Meyer, J. H.

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