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Western Washington Fishery Resources - Publications - Statistics/Modeling and Population Assessments/Tagging

The following publications have been produced by personnel and partners of the Fisheries Division. Publications are written in support of fish and wildlife resources such as inter-jurisdictional fishes, threatened and endangered species, non-indigenous aquatic nuisance species, and other high priority aquatic resources.

The reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view these documents.

Our publications are divided into ten categories. Click on a link below to view a list of publications by category:

Hatcheries/Supplementation/Techniques | Dam Studies/Passage/Migration
| Population Assessments/Tagging
Restoration Plans | Food Habits/Predation
Scientific Method | Exotic/Introduced Species | Literature Reviews

The Proportional Migration (PM) Selective Fishery Model   (1.2M) 1996 Comstock, R.,
R. Moore, and
P. Lawson
Statistical Tests of Salmon Fishery Contribution Rates Based on Coded Wire Tag Recoveries   (596k) 1992 Newman, K. and
R. Comstock
A General Model for Considering the Variance of CWT Contribution Estimates   (232k)    1990 Comstock, R.
Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests for CWT Contribution Estimates Based on the Binomial-Hypergeometric Model   (258k)    1989 Comstock, R.

An Application and Assessment of a Steelhead Habitat Model (1.03M)

1983 Meyer, J. H.,
J. Hiss, and
R. Boomer
Population Assessments/Tagging 

2001 Goldsborough Creek Smolt Trapping Study   (210k)

Missildine, B.
Genetic Relationships of Elwha River Oncorhynchus mykiss to Hatchery-Origin Rainbow Trout and Washington Steelhead    (1.19M) 2001 Phelps, S. R.,
J. Hiss, and
R. Peters
Biological Status of Fish and Invertebrate Assemblages in a Breached-Dike Wetland Site at Spencer Island, Washington    (8.22M) 1998 Cordell, J. R.,
H. Higgins,
C. Tanner, and
J. K. Aitkin
Seasonal Fish Densities Near River Banks Stabilized With Various Stabilization Methods: First Year Report of the Flood Technical Assistance Project   (1.3M) 1998 Peters, R. J.,
B. Missildine, and
D. Low
Summer Chum in Hood Canal   (1.54M) 1995 Cook-Tabor, C.
Supplementation Investigations of Naturally Spawning Hood Canal Coho Salmon   (1.16M) 1995 Tabor, R. A.,
M. Ereth,
E. Knudsen, and
S. Hager
Status of Kokanee Salmon in the Lake Sutherland Basin and Prospects for Sockeye Salmon Restoration   (1.09M)
   Tables   (945k)
   Appendices   (738k)
1994 Hiss, J. M., and
R. Wunderlich
Effects of Freeze Branding on Growth and Survival of Coho Salmon Fry   (188k) 1994 Peters, R. J.,
E. Knudsen, and
G. Pauley
Sonic Tagging and Tracking of Wild Winter Steelhead at the Ballard Locks, Seattle, Washington   (1.42M) 1994

Tabor, R., B. Pfeifer,
C. Whitmus,
G. Maxwell, and
E. Knudsen

Elwha River Chum Salmon Surveys: 1993-1994   (621k) 1994 Wunderlich, R. C.,
C. Pantaleo and
R. Wiswell
Elwha River Spring Chinook Stock Status Evaluation   (522k) 1993 Wunderlich, R. C., and S. Hager
An Analysis of the Homogeneity of Salmon Tag Recoveries in Ocean Troll Fishery Catches   (364k) 1991 Newman, K.

Analysis of Salmon and Steelhead Stock Status on the Olympic Peninsula   (412k)

1991 USFWS
Changes in Populations and Distributions of Anadromous Fish, Demersal Fish, and Shellfish Utilizing Nearshore Habitat in Commencement Bay, 1850 to 1988   (1.22M) 1991 Wampler, P. L.
Upper Queets River Spring Chinook Broodstock Studies, 1990   (822k) 1991 Wampler, P. L.
Quilcene Spring Chinook: A Case Study of Limitations to Puget Sound Spring Chinook Restoration    (293k) 1988 Knudsen, E. E.,
J. Hiss, and
D. Zajac
North Fork Nooksack Spring Chinook Surveys: 1987 Survey and Redd Survival Results   (513k) 1988 Schuett-Hames, D.,
J. Schuett-Hames, and P. Stevenson
Irrigation System Effects on Survival of Juvenile Spring Chinook and Other Salmonids in the Dungeness River   (335k) 1987 Hiss, J. M.
Status of the Quilcene Spring Chinook Run   (293k) 1987 Hiss, J. M., and
D. Zajac
A Histologic Effect of Coded Wire Tagging in Chum Salmon   (136k) 1987 Morrison, J., and
D. Zajac
North Fork Nooksack Spring Chinook Surveys: 1986 Survey Results - A Historical Count and Review and Historical Observations   (718k) 1987 Schuett-Hames, D., and J. Schuett-Hames
The Nisqually Chum Salmon Run: A Status Report   (2.74M)
   Appendices   (513k) 
1986 Cole, D.,
R. Comstock, and B. Harrington-Tweit
Fish and Shellfish Resources of Willapa Bay of Interest to the Shoalwater Tribe   (1.5M) 1986 Hiss, J. M., and
R. Boomer
Hatchery Winter Steelhead Contribution to the Hoh River Fisheries and Potential Impacts on the Native Stock   (1.75M) 1986 Hiss, J. M.,
R. Meyer,
R. Boomer, and
D. Cole
Field Tests of the Northwest Marine Technology Model FC-1 Fish Counter   (863k) 1985 Dilley, S.
Enumeration and Location of Spring Chinook in the Big Quilcene River   (264k) 1985 Hamstreet, C., and
R. Boomer
Chehalis Spring Chinook Progress Report - 1984   (715k) 1985 Hiss, J. M.,
J. Meyer, and
R. Boomer
Feasibility of Coded Wire Tagging Wild Spring Chinook on the Chehalis River   (563k) 1985 Hiss, J. M., and
R. Boomer
Summary of Life History of Pacific Sand Lance (Ammodytes hexapterus) and Its Distribution in Relation to Protection Island National Wildlife Refuge   (152k) 1985 Hiss, J. M.
Distribution and Abundance of Juvenile Salmonids in Clallam Bay and Neah Bay, Washington   (1.15M)    1985 Meyer, J. H.,
J. Blum,
S. Dilley, and
R. Boomer
Anadromous Fish Tagging Procedures (Revised)   (870k) 1985 USFWS
A Cursory Evaluation of the Effects of Coded Wire Tagging Upon Salmonids   (625k) 1985 Zajac, D.
Radio Telemetry Assessment of Adult Summer Run Steelhead Behavior Following Release in the Upper Elwha River   (2.0M) 1984 Wampler, P.
Survival of Hatchery Steelhead Released in Mitigation for the Wynoochee Lake Project   (293k) 1983 Hiss, J., J. Meyer, and R. Boomer
Evaluation of Existing Fisheries Measures at the Wynoochee Lake Project   (715k) 1983 Hiss, J., J. Meyer, and R. Boomer
Status of Chehalis River Salmon and Steelhead Fisheries and Problems Affecting the Chehalis Tribe   (1.34M) 1982 Hiss, J., J. Meyer, and R. Boomer
Escapement Estimation of the1978-79 and 1979-1980 Nooksack River Chum Salmon Runs   (597k) 1982 Hiss, J., M. Barclay,
M. McKay, and
R. Boomer
Escapement Estimation of the 1980 Stillaguamish Chum Salmon Run   (564k) 1982

Hiss, J., T. Martin, and R. Boomer

Nooksack River Juvenile Spring Chinook Salmon Investigations   (1.14M) 1982 Wunderlich, R. C.,
J. Meyer, and
R. Boomer
Evaluation of "Half-Length" Binary Coded Wire Tag Application in Juvenile Chum Salmon    (648k) 1980 Opdycke, J. D., and
D. Zajac
Population Estimation of the 1976 Fall Chinook Runs in the Duwamish-Green River and the Lake Washington Watershed   (300k) 1977 USFWS and Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Population Estimation of the 1976-77 Steelhead Trout Run to the Lake Washington Watershed   (181k) 1977 USFWS and Muckleshoot Indian Tribe
Population Estimation of the 1976-77 Skokomish River Chum Run   (163k) 1977 USFWS and Skokomish Indian Tribe
Population Estimation of the 1974-75 Nisqually River Chum Salmon Run   (987k) 1976 Olney, F. E.
Sockeye Fishery Investigations on the Quinault River System   (408k) 1971 USFWS

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