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Kids at the Beach (Photo: USFWS)  
Baskett Slough NWR trail (Photo: USFWS)
Bird watching (Photo: USFWS)
Photo: USFWS   Photo: USFWS   Photo: USFWS


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Connecting People with Nature (CPWN) initiative began in 2006 after the publication of Richard Louv’s hard-hitting book, Last Child in the Woods. As a leader in conservation, the USFWS is dedicated to reconnecting people with the natural world and is committed to serving the conservation community. Dale Hall, former USFWS Director, put out a call to expand these efforts.

In Region 1, of which the Washington Fish and Wildlife office is a part, a group of highly motivated employees, including information and education specialists, fisheries biologists, law enforcement officers and cultural heritage experts, came together to facilitate new ways the Region’s staff could get outside and share their knowledge and passion for nature. The resulting CPWN team developed projects to connect staff with schools, non-profits and others working with people, and youth in particular. The CPWN team created the “I Gave 8” campaign to support staff in giving their work time and expertise to partners and programs participating in this campaign.


  Citizen Science in the Chehalis: Freshwater Mussel Academy
  GRuB Pollinator Project
  Health Champions Animal Olympics Fitness Course
  Kids on the Beach
  Kids in the Creek
  Olympia High School Meets the Olympic Mudminnow
  Prairie Appreciation Day in Thurston County
  Spokane Youth Native Trout Monitoring and Education Program
  Team Naturaleza: Engaging North Central Washington’s Underserved Latino Communities in Natural Science



  National Conservation Training Center
  USFWS Pacific Region Faces of Nature blog
  E3 Washington
  Children and Nature Network
  Youth In the Great Outdoors





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