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National Fish Passage Program

National Fish Passage Program

The National Fish Passage Program (NFPP) is a voluntary, non-regulatory initiative that provides funding and technical assistance to reconnect aquatic habitats. 



  • The NFPP aims to restore native fish and other aquatic species to self-sustaining levels by reconnecting habitat that has been fragmented by man-made barriers. Fish passage projects restore unimpeded flows and fish movement by removing barriers or providing ways for aquatic species to bypass them. Projects are prioritized based upon the benefits to species and the geographical area. Typical projects include barrier culvert removal or replacement with a fish passable culvert or bridge and re-opening oxbow and off channel habitats. Typical funding amounts range from $15,000 to $80,000 with a minimum 25% cost share requested. Funding decisions for this program have typically been made at our Regional Office in Portland, Oregon.

    Types of projects preferred for funding for NFPP

    • Show demonstrable ecological benefits for Federal trust species.

    • Exhibit permanence of fish passage benefits.

    • Make use of the most current scientific knowledge and proven technology.

    • Address objectives outlined in approved management plans.


    To get help with the development and evaluation of projects for NFP contact a local office:

    Western Washington:

    Miranda Plumb

    (360) 753-9560

    Eastern Washington:

    Kate Terrell


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