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Chehalis Fisheries Restoration Program


Chehalis Fisheries Restoration Program

The Chehalis Fisheries Restoration Program (CFRP) makes funding and technical assistance available for on-the-ground restoration of salmon habitat, watershed assessments,outreach and education in the Chehalis River and Grays Harbor Basins.


  • Significant runs of salmon, steelhead, and cutthroat trout have declined throughout the Chehalis River basin, the second largest watershed in Washington. Commercial and sport fishing have greatly diminished in the area.

    The CFRP's goal is to recover Chehalis Basin fisheries by forming partnerships with private landowners, non-profit organizations, and local, tribal, and state agencies, and by implementing habitat restoration, habitat assessment, and public education projects. The CFRP typically provides financial assistance of less than $50,000 for individual habitat restoration projects.

    Chehalis Fisheries Restoration Program Goals:

    • Improve water quality in Inner Grays Harbor and the Upper Chehalis River basin.

    • Restore or improve natural spawning and rearing habitat.

    • Extend the range of wild spawning anadromous fish to achieve optimum habitat use.

    • Increase public awareness of the value of fisheries habitat restoration in the Chehalis basin.

    Types of projects preferred:

    Projects may include, but are not limited to the following:

    • On the ground projects in watersheds that are in relatively good condition, have ongoing restoration, and that have a completed watershed assessment will receive priority.

    • Assessment projects that fill identified data gaps in existing watershed assessments will receive priority.

    • Outreach projects that are established and successful or that are innovative will receive priority.

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