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Recovery Implementation Program

Washington ground squirrel

The Recovery Implementation Program coordinates with federal, state, Tribal and private partners to restore habitat and recover species listed under the Endangered Species Act throughout Washington.  The Recovery Program funds high priority recovery actions that achieve species recovery, actions that may preclude the need to list candidate species and actions that conserve the ecosystems upon which these species depend.

How do I get involved?

  • Eligibility:

    Private landowners, non-governmental organizations, municipalities, Tribes, and state or federal agencies. 





    Typical Projects:

    On-ground actions, habitat restoration, education, outreach, research, assessment, and other activities that help recover priority endangered and threatened species, and preclude the need to list candidate species.


    Financial Information:

    The Notification of Funding Availability is released in annually. There is no requirement for cost share, however projects that include cost share may be prioritized.  Awards typically range from $10,000 -$80,000. 



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