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Service Protects Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly and Streaked Horned Lark Under the Endangered Species Act


Taylor's checkerspot butterfly (Photo: Ted Thomas, USFWS)   Streaked horned lark (Photo: David Maloney)
Photo: Ted Thomas, USFWS   Photo: David Maloney


News release for final listing
Federal Register - Final Rule - 10/03/2013
Federal Register - Final Critical Habitat Designation - 10/03/2013
Federal Register - Proposed Rule 10/11/2012 (pdf) (14.8M)
Critical Habitat GIS shapefiles and KMZ data - Taylor's checkerspot butterfly (.zip)
Critical habitat UTM coordinates - Taylor's checkerspot butterfly (pdf)
Critical Habitat GIS shapefiles and KMZ data - Streaked horned lark (.zip)
Critical habitat UTM coordinates - Streaked horned lark (pdf)
News Release - Proposed Listing Taylor's checkerspot butterfly - 10/11/2012
News Release - Proposed Listing Streaked horn lark - 10/11/2012


Critical Habitat Maps - Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly


Critical Habitat Maps - Streaked Horned Lark


Last updated: November 20, 2018
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