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Northern spotted owl (Photo: Karl Vogel)  
Island marble butterfly (Photo: USFWS)
Golden paintbrush (Photo: USFWS)
Photo: Karl Vogel   Photo: USFWS   Photo: USFWS



We work to protect and recover imperiled plant and animal species through conservation and listing activities, recovery planning and implementation, and grant programs while promoting the voluntary conservation of other vulnerable wildlife. We also manage the sea otter through conservation activities under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972.


  Conserve species
  Add and remove species from the lists of threatened and endangered species
  Designate critical habitat for listed species
  Develop, review and update recovery plans and implement recovery tasks
  Provide funds to our partners to implement recovery and conservation actions
  Coordinate grants to State agencies and their partners
  Manage the Marine Mammal Protection Act for sea otters in Washington State
  Provide technical assistance to other Fish and Wildlife Service programs, Federal and State agencies, and the public
  Issue recovery permits for research and recovery activities, habitat restoration, and management for listed species and species of conservation concern



  Generated $141 million in conservation dollars for Washington through National grant programs over the last 10 years, $16.2 million (pdf) in 2010 alone.
Learning about rare plants (Photo: USFWS)Photo: USFWS
  Developed a conservation plan (pdf) with the National Park Service to protect and recover the Island Marble butterfly, a recently rediscovered species thought to have been gone from Washington for nearly a century.
  Completed 5-year status reviews for the marbled murrelet, golden paintbrush, and are working on one for Columbia white-tailed deer.
  Developed a stock assessment report and an incident guidance plan for northern sea otters in Washington waters.
  Developed a brochure (pdf) to inform landowners about golden paintbrush, a threatened plant.
  Launched a public outreach campaign to find and identify populations of golden paintbrush on private land in north Puget Sound, southwest Washington and the Willamette Valley of Oregon.
  Provided funding annually in excess of $1,000,000 for 23 recovery and conservation actions for many listed species and species of conservation concern in Washington State. Actions included habitat restoration projects, outreach, monitoring, and research at both the ecosystem and the species level.  
  In cooperation with WFWO Fisheries Program, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, initiated a conservation supplementation program for Lake Sammamish late-run kokanee.
Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit (Photo: USFWS)Photo: USFWS
  As part of an effort to recover the Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit, around 50 pygmy rabbits from captive-breeding facilities and from the wild in Oregon have been released on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Sagebrush Flat Wildlife Area in Douglas County.
  We partnered with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Bureau of Land Management to reintroduce greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) to Lincoln County, Washington. The project was designed to establish a third population in the state in an area with more than 200 km2 of shrub-steppe habitat on public lands. In 2011, an additional 50 birds are planned to be relocated to the site.


Washington Fish and Wildlife Office - Lacey
Name Title Expertise
Brad Thompson Division Manager  
Email link to Brad Thompson
Jeff Chan Fish Biologist Salmonids, permits
Email link to Jeff Chan
Michael Farnum Student Trainee Biology (Pathways) Geographic Information System, mapping
Email link to Michael Farnum
Kim Flotlin Wildlife Biologist Mazama pocket gopher, streaked horned lark, northern spotted owl


Email link to Kimberly Flotlin
Carol Langston GIS Specialist Geographic Information System, mapping, modeling
Email link to Carol Langston
Deanna Lynch Fish and Wildlife Biologist Northern sea otter, marbled murrelet, Oregon spotted frog
Email link to Deanna Lynch
Karen Reagan Fish and Wildlife Biologist Mazama pocket gopher, ecology, genetics, modeling
Email link to Karen Reagan
Joanne Stellini Fish and Wildlife Biologist Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund Grants
Email link to Joanne Stellini
Ted Thomas Ecologist Plants, butterflies, prairie systems, Columbia white-tailed deer
Email link to Ted Thomas


Central Washington Field Office - Wenatchee
Name Title Expertise
Jessica Gonzales Assistant Project Leader  
509-665-3508   ext. 16
Email link to Jessica Gonzales
Karl Halupka Fish and Wildlife Biologist Wolverine
509-665-3508   ext. 2001
Email link to Karl Halupka
Gregg Kurz Fish and Wildlife Biologist Grizzly bear, gray wolf, Partners Program
509-665-3508   ext. 22
Email link to Gregg Kurz
Jeff Krupka Fish and Wildlife Biologist Section 7 Branch Manager, lynx
509-665-3508   ext. 2008
Email link to Jeff Krupka
Tim McCracken Fish and Wildlife Biologist Eastern Washington plants, Partners Program, Washington ground squirrel
509-665-3508   ext. 17
Email link to Tim McCracken
Judy Neibauer Fish and Wildlife Biologist Bull trout recovery and Section 7
509-665-3508   ext. 21
Email link to Judy DeLaVergne
Greg Van Stralen Fish and Wildlife Biologist Leopard frog, sage grouse
509-665-3508   ext. 20
Email link to Greg VanStralen


Eastern Washington Field Office - Spokane
Name Title Branch
Russ MacRae Assistant Project Leader  
Email link to Russ MacRae
Michelle Eames Supv. Fish and Wildlife Biologist Giant Palouse earthworm, general Section 7 and recovery, HCPs
Email link to Jeff Krupka
Erin Kuttel Fish and Wildlife Biologist Bull trout Section 7 and recovery, FERC, Federal projects
Email link to Erin Kuttel
Kurt Merg WDFW IPA Partners and Recovery Program agreements
Email link to Kurt Merg
Chris Warren Fish and Wildlife Biologist Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit, sharp-tailed grouse, Section 7 and recovery
Email link to Chris Warren



Last updated: May 12, 2015
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