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Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP)

HCPs are planning documents required as part of an application for an incidental take permit. They describe the anticipated effects of the proposed taking; how those impacts will be minimized, or mitigated; and how the HCP is to be funded. HCPs can apply to both listed and nonlisted species, including those that are candidates or have been proposed for listing. Conserving species before they are in danger of extinction or are likely to become so can also provide early benefits and prevent the need for listing.

Habitat Conservation Plans are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view these documents.


Plan Name PDF File Size Contact
City of Kent pdf 21.07 MB Tim Romanski
Port Blakely - Morton pdf 4.86 MB Mark Ostwald
Broughton Land Company pdf 8.21 MB Michelle Ames
Draft Kaufman HCP pdf

82 MB

Tim Romanski
WDNR Low-Effect Geoduck pdf 1.58 MB Tim Romanski
Northern Spotted Owl pdf 726 KB Tim Romanski
Tacoma pdf 27.44 MB Tim Romanski
Seattle pdf 10.02 MB Tim Romanski
WDNR Forest Practices pdf 63.43 MB Mark Ostwald
Tagshinney Tree Farm pdf 660 KB Mark Ostwald
Daybreak Mine (Storedahl) pdf 23.27 MB Tim Romanski
Boise Cascade NA NA N/A
Tacoma pdf 27.44 MB Tim Romanski
Green Diamond (Simpson) pdf 10.93 MB Lou Ellyn Jones
WDNR State Trust Land pdf 13.30 MB Mark Ostwald
Plum Creek Cascade pdf 23.68 MB Tim Romanski
Port Blakely Robert B. Eddy pdf 31.86 MB Mark Ostwald
Scofield pdf 230 KB N/A
West Fork Timber pdf 15.73 MB Tim Romanski

Last updated: November 20, 2018
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