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Staff in the Division of Conservation and Hydropower Planning have expertise in forest resource management, riverine systems, aquatic and terrestrial species, endangered species biology, energy development, environmental negotiations, and NEPA. Using tools under Section 10 of the Endangered Species Act, we work collaboratively with non-federal agencies to develop long-term plans---Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP), Safe Harbor Agreements (SHA), and Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances (CCAA)---to protect and manage the habitats of threatened and endangered species while allowing applicants to continue to manage their lands or operate their facilities in a manner that achieves their goals. To date, we have approved several conservation plans with state agencies, public municipalities, private timber companies, and small business owners covering several million acres in the state of Washington. 

Staff also play a significant role in the licensing and relicensing of hydropower facilities in Washington. We work with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (agency responsible for issuing hydropower licenses), license applicants, and various federal, state, and local agencies; Tribes; and non-governmental organizations. We advocate for license conditions that provide for fish passage for resident and anadromous species including bull trout; instream flows to protect spawning and rearing habitat for fish; instream habitat enhancement and restoration, fish supplementation and the purchase and management uplands and wetlands for terrestrial species.   

For further information on Section 10 of the Endangered Species Act, please visit our National websites for Habitat Conservation Plans, Safe Harbor Agreements, and Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances. For more information about endangered species, please visit our Endangered Species page.


Washington Fish and Wildlife Office - Lacey
Name Title
Mark Miller Division Manager
Email link to Mark Miller
Lou Ellyn Jones Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Email link to Lou Ellyn Jones
Mark Ostwald Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Email link to Mark Ostwald
Tim Romanski Fish and Wildlife Biologist
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Central Washington Field Office - Wenatchee
Name Title Branch
Jeff Krupka Supv. Fish and Wildlife Biologist Section 7
509-665-3508   ext. 18
Email link to Jeff Krupka
Karl Halupka Fish and Wildlife Biologist Section 7
509-665-3508   ext. 11
Email link to Karl Halupka
Gregg Kurz Fish and Wildlife Biologist Section 7
509-665-3508   ext. 22
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Eastern Washington Field Office - Spokane
Name Title
Michelle Eames Fish and Wildlife Biologist
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Erin Britton Fish and Wildlife Biologist
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Carrie Cordova Fish and Wildlife Biologist
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Bob Newman Fish and Wildlife Biologist
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Chris Warren Fish and Wildlife Biologist
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