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Sound Clips

The following sound clips are public domain and may be used without prior permission. If possible, please credit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

To download sound clips, place your cursor on the mp3 link you want, "right click" , then "Save Target As" and navigate to where you want to save them on your computer.

Birds       Amphibians/Reptiles    
Purple Martins mp3     Alligator Hiss mp3  
Ducks Landing in Water mp3 wav   Alligator Bellow 1 mp3  
Geese Honking (loud) mp3 wav   Alligator Bellow 2 mp3  
Geese Honking (distant) mp3 wav   Frogs (various) mp3  
Flicker Chicks Feeding mp3     Frogs (peepers) mp3  
Goldfinch mp3     Frogs mp3  
Hummingbird Feeding mp3     Rain/Frog/Wetland mp3  
Indigo Bunting mp3     Rattlesnake mp3  
Little Blue Heron Fishing mp3          
Loons mp3     Mammals    
Pelican Chick mp3     Bats (vocalizing) mp3  
Red-winged Blackbird mp3     Bear Growling 1 mp3  
Shorebirds (distant) mp3 wav   Bear Growling 2 mp3  
Shorebirds (close) mp3 wav   Bear Cubs Growling mp3 wav
Shorebirds/Seabirds mp3 wav   Elk Bellows 1 mp3  
Shorebirds (misc) mp3     Elk Bellows 2 mp3  
Snow Geese Flock mp3     Whales Spouting mp3 wav
Terns mp3     Wolves Howl mp3  
Tufted Titmouse mp3     Wolves Howl (distant) mp3  
Tundra Swans mp3     Wolf Pack Howls mp3  
Pileated Woodpecker mp3 wav        
Woodpecker Tapping mp3          
Wood Stork Chicks mp3          
Last updated: October 17, 2014
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