Bosque Del Apache Shot List



Bosque Del Apache original source 16mm, transferred to one inch and betacam, no sound.


1.      Whoopers and sandhills feeding whooping crane feeding (solo) whooping crane solo preening and flapping wings

2.      Canada geese

3.      Sandhills probing wide shot with whooping cranes sandhills flying in

4.      Ring-necked pheasant

5.      Birds in flooded marsh

- Pull back from sun reveal buds in water more ring necks

-         Sandhills in water sun early morning

-         Shovelers asleep mallards in marsh

-         Snow geese wide shot show them take off

6.      Wide shot observation tower volunteer with visitors on tower

7.      Kestrel on branch Canada geese

8.      Bosque Del Apache refuge sign

9.      Sandhill with whooping crane early morning light

10. Snow geese in V formation in sky

11. Lady photographing flying snow geese over head and then landing in background

12. Coyote edge of field see cranes on ground