Aransas Shot List

Orginally shot in 16mm film - transfered to one inch and betaSP video





Lady walking on trail Bosque foot trail sign

Turkey vultures on ground

White tail bucks vultures in air back to deer 2 in a head tussle (sparring) buck chasing doe buck standing walking sparring

People at fence with binoculars CU of people looking thru binoculars with camera

Armadillo foraging

Photographer taking picture of whooping cranes

Genetic photographers in the wild with binoculars elders

Alligator swimming with people watching (CU of alligator)

Whooping cranes walking foraging in water preening more feeding

Tern with shorebirds marsh grass

Guy with scope and book

Buck (large and small) buck foraging

Aransas refuge sign

Center with sign with car

People ascending boardwalk to observation deck mother with baby

Pan down from trees to people signs