Birds of our Lives Shot List                                                                                           Page 1



Counter Start Time                   Scene Description                                                                    


0:00:00                         FWS Logo


0:00:22                         Opening Slates (Birds of our Lives)


0:01:09                         Opening montage of birds to music (split audio)


0:01:41                         Slates – statistics on impact of birding activities


0:01:55                         Phoebe lands on nest box in urban backyard


0:02:02                         Titmouse flies to nest box in urban backyard


0:02:15                                     Goldfinches feeding at backyard feeder


0:02:22                         Bird watchers at Bosque Del Apache NWR, NM


0:02:41                         Kids bird watching at Chincoteague NWR, VA


0:02:50                         Crane festival at Bosque Del Apache, NWR, NM (4 shots)


0:03:02                         Bird festival, Texas-birders buying products


0:03:17                         Wildlife Without Borders slate – stats on neotropicals


0:03:58                         2 map graphics – north and south migration


0:04:18                                     FWS biologists untangling songbirds from mist net and examining bird/data gathering – Yukon Flats, NWR, AK


0:05:04                                     Aerial surveys for waterfowl and waterfowl breeding habitat conditions


0:05:19                                     Wetland habitat conversion/destruction


0:06:01                                     Habitat slate


0:06:28                                     Birds/otters in wetland habitat


0:07:01                                     Example of deep woods, large unfragmented forests needed by neotropical birds


Page 2


0:07:04                                     Bottomland hardwood wetland-good habitat


0:07:08                                     3 shots of neotropical songs


07:20:00                                   Parasitic cowbirds-lay eggs in neotropical songbird nest.  Cowbird chicks frequently push host bird’s eggs out of nest


07:33:00                                   You Can Help slate


08:11:40                                   Birds in backyard


08:41:00                                   Cat footage


08:48:00                                   Kids walking in urban green area with bird sounds-greenbelts good for birds and people