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South Florida Listed Species
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Endangered and Threatened Plants in South Florida

For species information and regulatory guidelines click on the common name of the plant (directly beneath the corresponding photo).The pictures can also be enlarged by clicking on them.

Avon Park Harebell

Avon Park harebells Crotalaria avonensis
Beach jacquemontia

Beach jacquemontia Jacquemontia reclinata
Beautiful pawpaw

Beautiful pawpaw Deeringothamnus pulchellus
Brittons beargrass

Britton's beargrass Nolina brittoniana
Carters mustard

Carter's mustard Warea carteri
Crenulate lead-plant

Crenulate lead-plant Amorpha crenulata
Deltoid Spurge

Deltoid spurge Chamaesyce deltoidea
Florida bonamia

Florida bonamia Bonamia grandiflora
Florida golden aster

Florida golden aster Chrysopsis floridana

Florida perforate cladonia

Florida perforate cladonia Cladonia perforata

Florida ziziphus

Florida ziziphus Ziziphus celata
Four-petal pawpaw

Four-petal pawpaw Asimina tetramera
Fragrant prickly-apple

Fragrant prickly-apple Cereus eriophorus var. fragrans
Status of the Species
Garber's spurge

Garber's spurge Chamaesyce garberi
Garrett's mint

Garrett's mint Dicerandra christmanii
Highlands scrub hypericum

Highlands scrub hypericum Hypericum cumulicola
Key tree-cactus

Key tree-cactus Pilosocereus robinii
Lakela's mint

Lakela's mint Dicerandra immaculata
Lewton's polygala

Lewton's polygala Polygala lewtonii
Okeechobee gourd

Okeechobee gourd Cucurbita okeechobeensis ssp. okeechobeensis
Scrub blazingstar Papery whitlow-wort Paronychia chartacea Pigeon wings Clitoria fragrans Pygmy fringe-tree

Pygmy fringe-tree Chionanthus pygmaeus

Sandlace Polygonella myriophylla
Scrub blazingstar

Scrub blazingstar Liatris ohlingerae
Scrub buckwheat

Scrub buckwheat Eriogonum longifolium var. gnaphalifolium
Scrub lupine

Scrub lupine Lupinus aridorum
Scrub mint

Scrub mint Dicerandra frutescens
Scrub plum

Scrub plum Prunus geniculata
Short-leaved rosemary

Short-leaved rosemary Conradina brevifolia
Small's milkpea

Small's milkpea Galactia smallii

Snakeroot Eryngium cuneifolium
Tiny polygala

Tiny polygala Polygala smallii
Wide-leaf warea

Wide-leaf warea Warea amplexifolia

Wireweed Polygonella basiramia
Last updated: June 28, 2018