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Transportation systems and vehicles can be a source of instant and long-term harm to Florida panthers. Collision with vehicles is a direct leading cause of panther injuries and death; poorly planned roads can eliminate and fragment habitat and result in sprawling development that increases the occurrence of human-panther conflicts. A series of transportation actions or inaction can have far reaching consequences for panther survival, dispersal and recovery.

The Florida Panther Recovery Implementation Team is establishing a Transportation Sub-Team to address the issues of vehicular mortality and habitat loss. The Sub-Team will identify opportunities to assure a safe, viable habitat network exists for panthers and address the need to avoid and minimize harmful impacts of vehicle travel ways. The focus of the Sub-Team will be to identify current sites and proposed projects that pose a danger to panthers, identify transportation related planning and policy proposals that could impact panthers and panther habitat, and provide the Panther RIT with constructive critiques and recommendations for solutions. The Sub-Team should consider a broad range of options, such as engineered alternatives (e.g., wildlife crossings), avoidance (e.g., choice of road alignment), mitigation (e.g., land acquisition; restoration), education (e.g., outreach to increase public awareness; signage), enforcement (e.g., implementing slow speed zones) and policy recommendations (e.g., comments on regional transportation plans).

The members of the Transportation Sub-Team will be recommended by the Panther RIT and will be appointed by the Service’s Southeast Regional Director. They will work in an advisory capacity to the Service, under the guidance and direction of the Panther RIT. They will report all findings and recommendations to the Panther RIT.

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Team Members

Team Liaison: Elizabeth Fleming, Defenders of Wildlife

Team Chair: Amber Crooks, Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Katasha Cornwell, Florida Department of Transportation

Terry Gilbert, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Darrell Land, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Nancy Payton, Florida Wildlife Federation

Gwen Pipkin, Florida Department of Transportation

Don Scott, Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization

Brent Setchell, Florida Department of Transportation

Dan Smith, University of Central Florida

John Wrublik, US Fish and Wildlife Service



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August 2, 2019
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