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Conservation Banking

A conservation bank is like a financial bank. It protects these resources like a bank protects your money. When someone plans a project that will impact endangered species or other natural resources, they can buy credits in a conservation bank. The bank owner then uses the money to protect the resources in the bank. Traditionally, project developers have been asked to preserve part of the area they are developing. Sometimes this is a good policy. But lots of times it is better to have larger areas protected in conservation banks. It is also more efficient and cost effective to manage a bank instead of small, isolated properties.

For more information, see our pamphlet Conservation Banking, Incentives for Stewardship (173 KB PDF)

Banking Templates

1. Instructions for Bank Sponsors (checklists Draft Prospectus - Draft BEI) (Sept. 2010)

2. Mitigation Bank Enabling Instrument (BEI) (September 2017)

3. California Conservation Easement (rev. March 2017)

4. Property Assessment and Warranty (PAW) (June 2009)

5. Long-term Management Plan (May 2008)

6. Agreement for the Sale of Conservation Credits (2014)

7. Mitigation Site Annual and Monitoring Report Checklist (Aug. 2016)

8. Subordination Agreement

Wetland Mitigation

Questions about wetland mitigation should be directed to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco or Los Angeles District Offices.

State of California Information

• Conservation and Mitigation Banking

• Official Policies on Mitigation Banks

Information for Bankers and Prospective Bankers

• 2003 Conservation Banking Guidance

• 2003 Conservation Banking Guidance Federal Register Notice

• USACE 2008 Compensatory Mitigation Rule (574 KB PDF)

• See our Protocols and Guidelines page for information about surveys

• National Mitigation Banking Association, 12800 University Drive, Ste 400, Ft. Myers, FL 33907, 888-272-NMBA,

Conservation Banks within Our Service Area

Sparling Ranch Conservation Bank
La Purisima Conservation Bank
Zayante Sand Hills Conservation Bank
Palo Prieto Conservation Bank

For more information, contact Conservation Banking Coordinator Jeff Phillips at or 805-677-3399.

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