utahfieldoffice Blog: Rare Plant Workshop has highest attendance ever!

Rare Plant Workshop has highest attendance ever!

Last week the Uinta Basin rare plant workshop in Vernal had over 150 participants!  I love seeing new faces in the crowd, both those who come simply because they have an interest in our natural heritage, and those who attend as training to be a qualified surveyor or contractor.

We may be developing a new format next year to handle the crowd.  Maybe hands-on stations for each species?  We'll keep you posted.

With all the activities at work last week, I couldn't make it out of the office.  That's okay for now--there's not too much to see yet, botanically speaking, but it won't be this way for too much longer.  While I was out today, I saw common twinpod (a cute little mustard) sending up its basal leaves in a lovely, light green rosette.  I didn't have my camera with me, but soon I'll post a photo of the same plant from Asphalt Ridge, taken last april. 

Happy spring equinox, everyone, from Vernal!

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