About the UWCP Evaluation efforts

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge System developed the tools and resources on this site to help stations plan, monitor, and evaluate their efforts to achieve the UWCP Standards of Excellence. It is part of meeting the UWCP 110 FW 1 Policy directive to continually evaluate our achievement of objectives and to modify practices to ensure success.

We completed the first phase of a comprehensive evaluation of the Urban Wildlife Conservation Program. This involved 16 priority urban refuges sharing how they are meeting the program’s Standards of Excellence. The evaluation looked at what is going well and, just as importantly, what challenges and hurdles we need to overcome to meet the goal of partnering with urban communities in conservation. Here are some findings:

  • Most stations are beginning to make progress toward engaging communities, but more effort is needed to ensure community input informs programming.
  • Stations made moderate to high progress in building and sustaining partnerships. Stations and partners rate their relationships highly and recognize the mutual benefits of working together.
  • Stations identified several needs to make further progress: infrastructure such as contact stations, signage, restrooms and parking; training, including in customer service and audience research; and improved external communication such as better websites and multilingual communications.

See the 2018 Urban Wildlife Conservation Program Report or view the NCTC broadcast.

Download a blank, sample assessment here.